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The Aura of a Woman Warrior: Athena Barbitol, F-M Derby Girl

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

You’ve heard about the Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls, they’re tough, athletic, and at times ruthless.  What if you could take a peek inside at the soul of a derby girl?  Are they really all that tough?  What lies beyond the skates, helmet, and funky socks?

Take a look at the aura of Fargo Moorhead’s Derby Girl President, Athena Barbitol, and find out.

Red and Orange are the first colors that come to me. I see these colors spin and swirl together emanating from your base chakra on up.  As I tune into the red, it shows me how incredibly powerful and strong you are.  Athena is the perfect name for you because you truly are a female warrior. 

There’s an undeniable sense of strength that you carry with you. I see that this can intimidate some people at first, but when they get to know you, they see more of the sweetness and pure gentleness that lies beyond the initial impression.
You are very grounded. I see an image of tree roots extending down your legs, out your feet, and into the Earth.  You are very “here” in the present moment whereas other people may seem spacey and distant, you are not that way at all. 

I am also getting the image of you walking into a room and I’m being shown how powerful your presence is within a group.  You are a natural leader and teacher.

People respond well to you.  They sense that you know what you’re talking about and that your advice is legitimate. 

I also see that trust is huge for you and the people you choose to have around you.  You’re the type of person that holds onto friends and the people in your life that mean a lot to you. I see that you have strong relationships that will last a lifetime.  I hear the phrase, “I got your back”, which is a good example of exactly how you and your close friends feel about each other.

The energy of the color red brings me back to your years as a child and adolescent.  It’s telling me that when you were growing up you felt out of place and unsure about yourself because you didn’t feel like you fit in with the status quo. You were given the opportunity to choose your path, either conform or head out on your own and you chose the road less traveled. Kudos! You listened to the wisdom of your soul. It was that choice that helped you grow stronger and more confident today. I see now that you are much more secure with yourself and who you are, even if you have to stand alone.

Next is the spiraling orange that weaves its way through the red. You have a very healthy sacral chakra, this is the chakra that is located just beneath your belly button and has to do with relationships, creativity, emotions, sexuality, balance, and going with the flow. 

There’s a sense of balance about you, like you don’t get too worked up over things, you’re not overly emotional, and often don’t overreact. There’s a sense of security within you as you embrace of the flow of life. For many people, change can be difficult, but not for you. I see that you move and adjust yourself to life’s changes quite easily.

The orange also tells me that you are very creative. You are creative in many areas of your life, but the two things that come up the most strongly are the way you choose to express yourself and your intellectual creativity.  You really enjoy being creative. It’s fun for you.  I get the sense that creative expression is your idea of play.  In your times of creation you get to tap into your inner child who is expressive, free, playful, and joyful!  You mix your natural creative intelligence with your inner child and create masterpieces!

The orange also tells me that you don’t take life too seriously.  You love to let loose, have fun, laugh, and have a good time.

The final color that I see around you is green.  The green blankets you.  It is showing me that you are someone who is highly compassionate.  I see that you have an awareness of suffering in the world whether it’s humans, animals, or the environment. You are someone who is passionate about social justice and treating others with respect. 

I also see that you are incredibly loyal, generous, and sweet.  You radiate kindness and an honest feeling of care for the world around you.

You are also very magnetic and have natural charisma.  This is powerful because it allows you to manifest and create very easily.  Everything that is in your experience was manifested by you and you can just as easily change it with a simple shift of your focus.

Last but not least, your soul would like you to never discredit yourself. You are doing amazing things and making a positive impact on this world. Honor yourself and the gifts you are sharing.

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If You Go

What: F-M Derby Girls vs. Winnipeg
Where: Urban Plains Center
When: Sat, Oct 2, 8pm
Info: 701.356.7656

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