The Simplicity of Spirit

By John Koloch
Contributing Writer

Emotional content is the result of the simplicity of spirit working through us, effortlessly, efficiently, and lovingly. Our true spirit exudes from our being when we engage in activities that are in line with our deepest core values. These activities never tire us, they pour out of our bodies effortlessly. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” Who are we NOT to be! Our playing small does not serve the world. That… is the simplicity of spirit!

Mention “heavenly bodies” and people think of the stars and planets. WE are the heavenly bodies. As Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.” We are all unique and have our own “story” and a powerful part we play in other people’s “stories.”

Each practice of praying or meditating aims toward the same destination. Yet humans fight over the “true” way to find heaven; and even over where heaven is. Heaven is here, NOW, in this moment. Stop looking because it’s right in front of us; we breath it, we hold it, and it envelopes us at every moment. There… is the simplicity of spirit.

The simplicity of spirit grows through the physical breath. Breathing is something we do naturally, without effort; it is the essence of life. Focus, relaxation, meditation, prayer, and our ability to feel the presence of spirit or our higher self, or to reach higher levels of consciousness, are all rooted in the breath.
ASK: Ask for your prayers to be answered. Send your intentions to the universe. Know that they will be answered.

Is that the end? NO! People stand up and say, “I’ve been praying and praying, but nothing is happening…” Take a moment and listen or observe. Your Guardians or Guides may have been coming forward to whisper in your ear and you stood up and left the conversation. Those in spirit are with us for the highest divine good of our sacred souls and they love us. They adore us. Actively listen, observe, and reply with, “I Love you too!” We achieve greater results in everything through emotional content, love rather than frustration, nervousness, or our own egoistic need.

The simplicity of spirit is the SOAP that washes away our dirt (our fears and worries) allowing us to see our true nature and live according to our deepest soul values.

SOAP—Synchronicity, Observation, Acceptance, Purpose

After days of Asking for my prayers to be answered, Sending my intention to the universe and Knowing that my prayers would be answered (ASK), then “actively listening and observing,” the message came to me. “John, you are here to guide souls to heaven - not just those who have already passed away, but those that come into your life in physical form.” There it was! Clear and powerful! “Allow spirit to work through you, John!”

Leading up to that day… Synchronicities lead me in the right directions and to the right people. Observations of those synchronistic events, people, and the subtle messages of Spirit’s intention were key. Acceptance took faith and courage. As soon as I began to live my Purpose, accept and authentically live my purpose, I realized my purpose was… the simplicity of spirit.

Each breath we take and person we embrace is the simplicity of spirit giving us life and purpose. Actively listening, observing, and saying, “I Love you too!” IS the simplicity of spirit in action.

As I look back on all the major events of my life, job positions I’ve held, and relationships, I noticed that in some way I changed people’s lives, taught them something, or revealed to them what their purpose in life was, and a better way of living that purpose. Sometimes subtly and others not so softly, but abruptly and painfully. It was always about “us” and the exchange of love, knowledge, an experience, or just being an active listener for a confused or hurting heart. I was here for them and they for me; I am here for you and you for me.

Life is not a single letter of the alphabet, a word, a page, even a chapter, but a whole book full of diverse characters and collective experiences. Reflect on your own Synchronicities and Observations then actively listen to the simplicity of spirit whispering in your ear. Accept that you are powerful beyond all measure and begin to live your true spiritual Purpose. THAT is the simplicity of spirit.

Thank you, for having me in this “page” of your story!

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