The Twilight Zone?

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: For years, in that phase between sleep and consciousness, I will seemingly “see” some sort of entities floating up in the air over me. What they appear to look like has changed through time as well as my sense they are not threatening but, regardless, I wonder what they are. They literally scurry and disappear through walls when I see them, and they are very close to me physically when I sometimes “look.” More than once, I’ve woken up to them dropping on me, yet they’ve never done harm or done any more than seem to be hovering very close to me.

A: Wow, that’s something else! And in the rest of your letter you say it’s been happening for over 30 years, so it’s not like it’s anything new. Here’s the deal: imagine that you’re in a room. You’re surrounded by veils that are kind of see through, but not see through enough that you can see clearly what’s beyond them.

You start out, say, in a 10 square foot room. Then the closest set of veils drop, and all of a sudden you are in a 20 foot square room. Everything that was dwelling in that space between 10 and 20 feet out is now clearly visible to you. You get used to your new surroundings, used to your expanded space, and used to everything new that you’re seeing. Now another set of veils drop, and you expand your space even further, even as you expand your world of what is now visible to you.

But here’s a kicker: if you are living in that 20 foot room and see something at say, 18 feet out, and tell someone, “Look at that!” They may still be in that 10 foot room, not able to see anything further out than 10 feet, so they’ll be like, “What are you talking about? There’s nothing there.” And they will be mostly correct.
More accurately, they can’t SEE anything that’s there because that particular veil has not lifted for them.

I think we’re born with a thick set of those veils all around us to mostly protect us from being overwhelmed with everything that’s out there. I also happen to think that’s part of what’s going on for autistic kids – I think they don’t really have those veils, and can see, hear, sense, and feel a lot of things uncensored and unveiled.
If it’s too much, then they get overloaded and overwhelmed, and have a hard time navigating on this physical plane. It’s like, “Where do I focus? What do I look at? What do I pay attention to?” Their radios are playing ALL stations at the same time. If we get used to it gradually, we learn to push the different buttons to hear the different stations, and learn to focus our spiritual eyesight to see things that are found at different distances to us. We get to practice and take our time, learning as we go, building on what’s come before.

For some of us, however, we seem to be born with more veils down from the very beginning, and an advanced ability to deal with that expanded vision. We seem to be able to navigate the expanded waters of consciousness, and make sense out of what’s going on – what’s happening ‘here’ and what’s happening in that expanded state, beyond the “normal” 10 square feet that we call the human experience.

Sometimes in our lives a veil suddenly drops and we’re allowed access for a brief time into that place beyond ordinary comprehension. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and said, “You’ll probably think this is weird,” and then proceed to tell me a story about how their dead mother came to them, or they had a talk with their dead child, or they saw an angel, or felt something near them that they couldn’t see. And I’m telling you, a lot of these people are people I would never think would have experienced these sorts of things, but it’s been good training for me in not judging people, and seeing that this whole veil thing is a lot more far-reaching than I’d previously thought.

Here’s a trick I tell people when dealing with this sort of thing: the first thing to ask yourself is how you feel about the whole experience. Are you scared, do you feel threatened, do you feel exhilarated, peaceful, excited? These are clues as to the nature of the energy or “thing” you’re sensing that’s out beyond your current veils. Nothing has the right to harm you, invade you, scare you, threaten you, or try to get you to do anything you don’t want to do. Period. That applies to all humans here, as well. You are in charge of your life and you are in charge of what you do and don’t do in your life. You can receive support and advice and suggestions, but you always have the right to say NO (as Nancy Reagan encouraged us to do in the 70’s).

You stated that you don’t feel scared or threatened, so that’s a really good thing. I’ll tell you a big secret, based on over 20 years of doing this veil-dropping-expanded-room work – there’s a heck of a lot of stuff that’s out there that we have no idea is out there, and it’s probably a good thing that we DON’T know what’s out there if we aren’t ready to see it or deal with it.

That’s a summary of the bigger picture of “seeing” things that we question are real, or that others don’t see. Now for your specifics: there are those things we call “floaters,” but I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about. Floaters are those things we see on bright days, usually against the backdrop of a blue sky. Doctors say they’re dead cells floating against the back of our eyes, but that doesn’t make sense to me. There’s also the legendary “orbs” that appear mysteriously in photos. They showed up in full force this past Christmas in our house, and my kids did an experiment, pounding a pillow right in front of the camera while we shot the picture. While it’s true that a lot of ‘orbs’ (dust specks?) magically appeared, I still maintain that these orbs show up in a lot of different places, and in various sizes. One woman took a photo of me and her child, and there are two huge orbs, one between our heads, and one over my heart. You can’t tell me those are dust specks – ginormous dust specks? No. Not in my world. At least not ALWAYS dust specks – sometimes other stuff.

Your jellyfishy things? Do you think we’re the only ones in the whole Universe? As Jodie Foster said in the fabulous movie “Contact,” “If that’s true, then that’s a big waste of space.” I think there are a lot of different options for ‘life’ which may not always include being in human form. That’s probably a topic for another day, but I think there are lots of levels of beings living on all sorts of frequencies. A perfect example here on Earth is the dog whistle. It’s a higher frequency than our ears can hear, but a dog’s ears CAN hear those higher frequencies. Just because WE can’t hear the whistle doesn’t mean it isn’t real. I think what you’re seeing is maybe one of those things that exists on a higher frequency, or out beyond the ‘normal’ veils. How, then, are you able to see them, or be aware of them?

Have you ever noticed things out of the corners of your eyes that seem to disappear when you look toward them? Or little flashes of light, or even dark? I think these are all signs that you’re in the process of being able to see more, and see more clearly. Maybe even signs that a current set of veils is in the process of coming down? If you’ve been experiencing these things for 30 years, I will also say you’re probably one of those that naturally sees beyond the norm. But just because you see more doesn’t mean that you’re not protected, if that’s what worries you. I remember when we were Florida and had lunch looking through some thick glass at some sharks, manta rays and all manner of big scary toothy creatures. If I didn’t know the glass was there, or didn’t trust that it would keep us separated from the bad things, I’d be scared out of my wits. Man, those things were creepy looking.

I think we’re all protected, as well. Just like that glass, but differently, kind of like a force field, if you will. How do I know that? Because I SEE that protection around every one of us. In fact, I see lots of stuff that others might not see. WHY am I telling you this? To empower you, to present some tools for your consideration, and if it makes sense, help you feel more confident so you can start working more consciously with some of these concepts you may not understand.

My advice to you is to stay open to the greater possibilities by keeping your eyes and mind open, trusting the veils to keep coming down one at a time, expanding your world and your life. And when you see those jellyfish guys again, ask them what they want. They may just answer you (let me know what they say, okay? I’d love to know).

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