The Way Through Is Around

Avoiding the trains in our neighborhood can be a bit tricky, but with a little perseverance and an adventurous spirit, we have found some stroller-friendly ways to navigate the gauntlet that is the BNSF.  The trick is to take advantage of the web of parks and bridges, and to remember that the way through is often around.

Since I refuse to wait with a jogger stroller in the human cages next to the banging clanging tintinnabulation of the railroad cross arms, I have been forced to find alternatives.  The bike paths along the Red River provide us with peace, wildlife sightings (see the duck?  The duck says “quack”) and the chance to play my favorite Fargo-Moorhead game, Say Hi to Strangers.

F’n M’rs take pride in their friendliness and it shows.  Ok, so having a cute one year old helps, but I have been impressed with our encounters with local folks, and their shocking willingness to engage in social behavior.  Sure there are exceptions, like the young woman with the ipod and the darting eyes, and the serious runner who is clearly too out of breath to say “hello” and who would crash to the ground if a hand raised in greeting should break his stride, but F’n M’rs are good people, and we are not too busy to be nice.  Usually.

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