This Little Piggy Went to Market

Q: Lately I’ve been noticing this crazy cycle of craving crappy junk food for a week, then losing my appetite. I get worried because I don’t want to be unhealthy, but I can’t seem to help it. Help—I don’t want to be a fat pig!

A: Well, I’m assuming that you’re normally an average-weight person who usually eats pretty healthy good. I hadn’t thought about this phenomenon until lately, when a friend told me that she went from a size 6 to a size 14, and didn’t really think she was eating more than usual! How can that be? What’s going on?

Here’s what I think: this is a crazy roller coaster ride of energy and emotions and feelings, worldwide right now, and while we’re going through this stuff, our bodies are going to react in all sorts of crazy ways.

Sometimes we can’t sleep, sometimes we can’t stop crying, sometimes we can’t control our obsessive thoughts about that guy back in 4th grade, sometimes we get headaches and upset stomachs and intestinal distress.

I could write all day about all of the symptoms we could get, but they may or may not be what you experience. Everyone seems to come up with a unique way of processing things.

This cycle of sugar/simple carb consumption circling to healthy eating again seems to be a relatively new symptom people are experiencing.
The trick is to be tuned in enough to your body to be aware of the different things happening, then to make unique sense out of it so you feel some semblance of control.

I don’t especially like going to the dentist—too many bad experiences. So when I do go, I ask him to tell me what’s going on every step of the way.

So instead of drill, drill, push, pinch, poke, how long will this go on, I hear, “Okay, you’ll feel a slight pinch now as I give you the shot. Now you’ll hear the drilling and feel some pressure. I’m halfway through - you’re doing great.” And on.

Phew—I still don’t have any control, but now I know what’s happening to me, and that gives me great comfort.

So if you understood your process, your energy cycles, so to speak, that would probably calm you down a great deal. You’re not totally clueless, standing in the dark.

When you are “normal,” your body tells you what it wants, and you listen. It wants a carrot? Eat a carrot. It wants some water? Drink some water. And so on.

I’m telling you right now, your body will never cra ve a Snickers bar, or a Coke, or a large cheese pizza. Now you may be craving those things, but your body will naturally crave what’s healthy for it.

But that’s assuming you’re on calm seas. When those energetic seas get white-tipped, you can feel everything in your body and in your life surging up and down. You may get nauseated and dizzy. As the waves keep churning the water, everything in your body gets rearranged, and that’s really a good thing—think of it as spring cleaning, decluttering mixed with tossing old junk out, and moving the good stuff around to new places.

But that takes energy, and that creates a lot of confusion and stress. So in the confusion, your body may malfunction and say, “I need more energy,” and you’ll say, “Oh, 100 grand bars and a beef burrito? Coming right up,” and in this confusion, the communications between you and your body get messed up.

Your body may be kind of panicking, and wanting to pad and protect against future needs, almost like hibernation. It might need that extra 5 pounds if things keep up like this.

So if you notice the cycles bring you back to normal, and to a normal weight, just notice when it happens, and try to watch what you’re eating.

Exert a little self control, and instead of reaching for the hamburger, reach for a handful of walnuts and an apple instead (and yes, that can be perfectly delicious and satisfying).

Trust your body and trust your process, and if you gain more than five pounds in a short period of time, you may want to get a little more self control about what you’re putting in your mouth and up your intensity at the gym (working out is always a great idea during these energy cycles. It really helps keep you balanced). You’re not a fat pig—you may be a little piggy during these intense times, but in the end everything returns to the healthy center. And remember to eat those veggies!!

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