Those Three Magic Words

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: I’ve heard people speak of the SWITCH, the SHIFT, this NEW change coming. Can you better explain, what “IT” is? And what can we expect on Earth from it?

A: It seems People have been talking about the “shift” for the past 33 years. The Harmonic Convergence in the summer of 1987 seemed to herald a great new energy that altered humanity’s trajectory from self-destruction into self-actualization. But in 1987 that energy had a very gentle, subtle effect on most of us, so you wouldn’t find many talking about it at that time.

However, as the energy’s increased exponentially, over the past 5 years especially, more and more people are feeling its effects and are, realistically and symbolically speaking, “waking up.” That’s why you’re hearing more and more about these changes that are afoot.

I like all of your words – ‘switch’, ‘shift’ and the ‘new’ - because together they make up the three attributes of this spiritual phenomenon. I’ll go through them point by point and see if it makes sense to you. Nobody knows for SURE what’s happening because it’s all new. We’re seeing this unfolding before our eyes.

If anyone tries to tell you they KNOW the Truth about the present and the future, ask yourself if what they’re saying makes sense to you, and if you resonate with that energy of superiority and self-proclaimed expertise. Those days are over; that control and taking of people’s power is old energy, which is quickly fading from this Earth. It’s being replaced with equality, respect, and self-examination that bring about self-awareness. We can support each other on our journeys, but we cannot TELL others what to do, or tell them what’s true for them or what’s going on.

The Switch speaks of our old perceptions and reality. We have our preconceived ideas and beliefs based on past situations and what we’ve heard from others. Mostly our actions have been automatic, filtered through these set ideas and beliefs. The first part of our awakening appears to be a 180-degree shift from the old into doing the exact opposite. If we usually get hurt when someone criticizes us, now we stay open and see if there’s any truth in their words. If we usually stay quiet when someone says something offensive, now we say something.

We shift off our axis of the known so we can feel some movement and potential. At first it’s a little scary, and we may feel as if we don’t know what in the heck we’re doing (and we probably don’t!), but it’s still really freeing. You say to yourself, “I don’t HAVE to act any certain way anymore” and that statement contains a lot of power. We are ‘switching’ from old to new, replacing the known with the unknown.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of doing the opposite in most situations, you’ve gained some spiritual muscle and have a modicum of control over your emotions, thoughts, and words. You’re ready for the Next Step – not being limited to doing the exact opposite of what you’d normally do, seeing the proper action in a particular case. If someone offends you, instead of not saying anything you may now change the subject or walk away.

There’s an infinite amount of options available to you in every moment. Don’t feel overwhelmed – you’re ready for it! You’ve already mastered the Switch, which seems to be the hardest concept to grasp. That’s when you feel as if the very ground under you is shifting. The Shift is building on the information that your old Foundation IS shaky, so now you’re actively going about building your New Foundation, which brings us to your third great word: New.

Being awake is work. Sometimes you might long for the good old days of ignorant bliss. But just as in real life, once you’ve woken up, you just can’t fake being asleep (trust me – I used to try it all the time when I was growing up – it never worked). But just as being awake in real life gives you more options than being asleep, so does spiritual wakefulness give you more freedom. If you haven’t seen “The Matrix” yet, this classic and awe-inspiring movie exemplifies this exact concept.

This New is the Original State we were meant to live our lives in. But something got mucked up over the years and we started getting sleepier and sleepier until one lifetime we found ourselves totally asleep, thinking that this life was all there was, that what our eyes could see was all that was real.

In order to bring us back to our Original State, to get us back to our 100% Soul Consciousness, maybe even back to our Garden of Eden, the New Energy is now flooding us 24/7/365, illuminating all of our places of darkness, all of our ignorance and self-limiting beliefs. And again, yes, it IS hard work, but it’s really good work, because in the end, we’ll have switched and shifted everything in order to become New.

Will the world end in 2012? Not the physical world but yes the OLD world we’ve lived in. Some have shifted sooner than others, and others will continue to shift after 2012, but we’re all on the road, and our main job is to do our own soul work, and then to assist and support others.

What on earth can we expect from all of this? Unconditional love, peace, respect, enough of everything for ALL, fulfillment of our deepest desires, and miracles as everyday occurrences. And that’s just the start.

All we can do is look forward to the rest of the fabulous things to come, and speaking for myself, I can hardly wait!

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