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Three Is a Magic Number…

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: Is there REALLY anything to things that happen in threes? (like accidents or deaths)

A: I’ve heard that my whole life, but never really thought about whether there was anything TO it. But now is a great chance to think about it, don’t you think? Let’s look at the number three first. Three is a really sacred number. It’s the Trinity, past/present/future, it’s the Three Wise Men, it’s body/mind/spirit, it’s the triad, which is pre-Christian, Celtic, and found throughout history. It’s the triangle, which when interlaced with another triangle represents divinity in human form. It’s also the basis of a good joke.

I think the first time something happens we may or may not notice it. If it happens again, we start to notice, like our mind acknowledges that this has happened before, so there might be something to it. If it happens a third time, we’re usually focused on that event, because what are the odds that this would just be a coincidence…three times in a row?

I think it may have something to do with the concept of beginning, middle, and end. We’re surrounded by literally billions of pieces of data and input every second of our lives. It would be impossible to focus, see, and make sense of every single little stimulus. So what then, determines what we choose to see, what we focus on, what catches our attention?

Enter my concept of this life being about learning more about ourselves, our Souls, in the name of becoming 100% Conscious, or self-aware.

Everything, then, is set up in order to help us with that goal. Whatever can “help” us learn what we’ve set out to learn will catch our attention. So when we’re ready for our next step, chances are we’ll notice something (or hear or read or get told) -– that’s the beginning. Then, to strengthen our “lesson,” we “see” that same thing again (maybe in a different form, but still we know it’s the same thing). That’s the middle event. Now, to cement the whole deal in our consciousness, we get to witness the third viewing of the “thing.” Ah – now we get it!

I’ve been learning Italian through Rosetta Stone. At first it made me really nervous. I know a little German and a touch of Latin, but never considered myself good at languages. I can’t remember stuff that’s just laid out for me. But Rosetta Stone does it a new way. It doesn’t ask you to translate or memorize anything. It just shows you pictures and speaks to you in Italian, and you let your brain figure out what everything means. No translating. And I’m proud to say I’m actually getting it! It’s kind of easy!

I think it’s the same way with learning the foreign language of our Soul. When we try to translate too much, we get bogged down in meaning and definition and lose the central message and core – it’s all One. An egg isn’t just an egg – it’s also uovo. But it’s really not even that. It just is. You see? We’ve put all sorts of descriptors and explanations and names onto it, but in the end, it just is.

By the process of noticing something three times in a row, you’re subconsciously reinforcing and integrating something that you need to know. Just let it happen. Acknowledge that it’s important to you right now, and be thankful you got the message. Each step leads to the next, and next week you’ll get another ‘gift’ (lesson, blessing, whatever), and it will probably come in threes. But watch closely – because maybe the more used to the process you become, you’ll only need to see it once before you smile and say, “ahhhhh.”

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