Transformative Thoughts: March Energy Report

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

The energy of this month is about transformation, which in turn will create Rebirth and Awakening. The energies are moving very fast with a lot of momentum causing a lot of changes to occur throughout the world and individually. March is a pivotal month; it’s the beginning of a lot of changes that will continue to emerge throughout the year. The rise of the new and the fall of the old will be happening at an intensified pace and will appear to be much more dramatic.

On a global level, the changes are going to revolve around structures and foundations that affect large numbers of people. Old ways of doing things, old ways that are no longer working for the overall well being of those involved, will be challenged and released. The death of organized structures, oppression, lies and deceit will continue throughout the rest of the year.

On a personal level, people are facing life changes seemingly out of nowhere. Unexpected illness, death, controversy, job changes—basically anything that brings in big changes—are popping out of “nowhere.” The small changes seem to be obsolete. I’m seeing that every choice, decision and cosmic shift brings in life changing consequences. New life paths are being created.

Back in December 2010, when I tuned into the year of 2011 and documented the energies of what was going to happen, I wrote, “This energy is going to give rise to opposing forces. I see the yin and the yang, the black and white, the good and evil all coming to a head.  As these opposing forces rise, it’s almost like a battle will take place. Not a real battle, but an energetic ‘fight’ for the lead.

Whichever energy does not prevail will die.” March is the month in which this “fight” is beginning to pick up momentum. I see this continuing throughout the entire year, with the intensity of it fluctuating from time to time.

With this battle occurring outside of ourselves throughout the world, it is also occurring within us.  The rise of our personal shadow, the parts of yourself that you deny, hide or criticize, will also begin to emerge.

On a personal level is it is time to heal, connect to our true selves and trust that all is in divine order.  If there’s anything you’ve been denying, hiding or trying to repress, the time is now to face it. Speak your truth, stand up for yourself and do what is necessary for you to heal and move forward. This “darkness” is no longer serving you.  In order for you to move forward in alignment with the Earth and your highest self, action must be taken.  As a suggestion, take some time for yourself and reflect on your life and yourself. In what areas are you feeling stuck or unhappy? What past pains and resentments still live in your heart? What guidance does your intuition have for you? What steps do you need to take so you feel a deeper sense of contentment?

I’ve been doing this lately and as a result I’ve made changes in my business, personal life and friendships. Some of it wasn’t easy. I had to confront people about things they did that hurt me in the past. I had to let some things go that brought false comfort, and I had to let go and trust that what I was doing was for the best. Some of it still feels uncomfortable, mostly the confrontational pieces with some personal relationships, but I knew I had to do it. I knew that in order for me to heal, I needed to communicate from my heart and confront those who had hurt and disrespected me.  In my business, the changes came easier and have brought a lot more blessings and abundance. I had to let go of the old way I was doing things in order to let the new energy in, and I’m so glad I did.

With all the shifts occurring, we need to re-evaluate our personal boundaries. Check in with yourself and how you feel in relation to the world and the people in it. Give yourself permission to create new, healthy boundaries that empower you and help you feel centered and safe. If something or someone has been pulling your energy down, restructure your relationship with it. This alone can help a lot during these intense times.

What can you do to help on an overall level? First, start to take action in your own life. Face your shadows, heal yourself, allow all necessary transitions to unfold and trust yourself. You, as an individual, are connected to the rest of the world. What you do personally creates a ripple effect. Also, now is the time to reach out to others. With so many life changes happening at faster and more intense speeds, many of us feel unstable, lost and scared. Reach out to those around you and offer your support and compassion. This will help ease the transformations and remind us that we’re all in it together.

As the death of the old and no longer needed energies and structures fall away, more of the new will emerge. Death creates rebirth, and rebirth creates awakening within us and throughout the world.
As a suggestion, go back to the new year’s energy report on 2011, titled, “2011: Remember Who You Are”, located at  under the tab, HPR Wellness Archives, and Features. The information in that report gives more detailed information on what will be happening this year and how March is the kick-off month for it all.

If you’ve been feeling extra creative and inspired lately, that too is connected with the energy of March. You’re on a path of recreation; let your spirit and heart lead the way. It’s ALL good, even if you’re not quite sure where it’s leading you yet. Trust.

Everything is happening in divine and perfect order.

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