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True Colors: Aura Reading

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

Before singer-songwriter Keri Noble graces us with her musical talents Saturday night at The Aquarium, she gave me the honor of taking a look at her from a different perspective. She had me read her Aura.

An Aura is your soul’s expression of itself in color. Each color has meaning and descriptive characteristics. As a psychic, I see the colors of the Auras in and around people. Once I see the colors, I “tune in” to the color and ask it what it means for that person. For Keri, I saw beautiful and rich hues of blue, green, violet, pink, and yellow. She was open in sharing her reading with all of you…

At the core of your being, I see a swirling of deep blues and greens. The green tells me that you are a natural healer. Your presence, who you are, and the work that you do brings healing to not only yourself, but also others. On a soul level, you know that your work is not only about you stepping into your greatness, but also an opportunity for you to give back. The green also holds a great deal of power along with gentleness. These two forces combined weave a beautiful sense of comfort and knowingness about who you are. You know there’s no need to force anything, because your path unravels just as it should. This puts people at ease when they are around you.

The blue tells me that you have a strong sense of justice. You are a natural humanitarian with a lot of compassion and a strong sense of truth. Truth has been one of the underlying themes in your life: knowing your truth, speaking your truth, and seeing the truth around you. You’ve come a long way in this area. Your energy feels a lot more solid because of it.

The next color that comes forward is a deep purple or violet. Right away this is telling me that you are very intuitive. You are very good at reading other people and you are very good at making decisions from your “gut.” Your strong sense of truth and your intuitive abilities are strong guiding forces in the decisions you make. Great job at listening! Keep it up!

The outer layer of your aura is a beautiful bright yellow mixed with tints of pink. The yellow is your light. You are one bright soul! You shine whether you want to or not, you can’t help it. This light attracts people to you. It is your charisma, magnetism, and power. When you see the truth in things, you may not always see all “good” things, but even when you see the “bad” you put more energy and focus on the good. You are definitely a glass-half-full type of person.

As I go deeper, I see that owning your power and truth has not always come easy. You’ve had some challenges in self-doubt, speaking your truth, and owning your power. You’ve come a long way and have cleared a lot of blockages. I see that through the struggles you realized that your truth comes from within. It does not come from others or the outside world. It comes from your heart and your soul. Music for you is a path that teaches you to strengthen your voice and message. It is a place for you to grow, not only as a musician, but as a spiritual being in owning your power. You have learned how to trust yourself, speak your truth, and live your life from the inside out.

I’m also seeing a ladder with you placed about one third of the way up. The ladder tells me that right now you are in a pretty comfortable spot. You’ve really smashed through some of your old blockages, fears, and have now come to a place of peace with where you are at. This sense of peace reaffirms your personal trust in the process. The ladder tells me that you still have many more steps to go. You are moving up!

You are approaching a time of transition soon. It feels like in August or early fall things are going to start to stir within you. Changes are coming, but they are all good! New opportunities, new ideas, new creative outlets, and lots of growth are coming your way. Along with these changes, I am hearing for you to embrace all the goodness that they will bring. You sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of abundance you are able to create. As you move up this ladder, I see your heart overflowing with gratitude. Just keep staying open to the goodness, knowing that you deserve it; and through your abundance you can then share it with others.

Overall, your soul would like you to know: you are exactly where you need to be at this time. Continue to listen to your heart. You have come a long way, but there’s so much more for you to discover. Open up to the beauty and gifts that await you. You are powerful, intelligent, knowing, and you lift up the world with the work you do. Continue to shine your light!

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If You Go

What: Keri Noble
Where: The Aquarium
When: Sat, June 5, 9pm
Info: 701.235.5913



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