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Q: I’ve always been healthy, but now I’m allergic to dairy, I seem to have hay fever (I sneeze all the time) and I get weird rashes at times (I can’t trace them back to anything that could’ve caused them). Am I unhealthy now?

A: Congratulations on your ever-increasing good health! For you are most certainly not becoming less healthy, from what I can tell.
Let me illustrate: if you own a crappy violin, it doesn’t matter much what you do with it. You can leave it in a hot, dry room, or a damp room. You can leave it out in the sun. It plays all right, but the varnish is cracked and the bridge is loose.

But none of that really matters because it’s a cheap violin that is incapable of making nice music. You just don’t care that much about what happens to it.

Now enter a beautiful Stradivarius. It’s expensive, well-made and puts out the most unbelievable music. It’s kept in a moisture-controlled, temperature-controlled room. It’s kept well-conditioned and tuned. It’s laid gently in a cushioned case when not in use. It’s very sensitive to its environment and only wants the best treatment so it can perform at its peak.

You, my friend, are a Stradivarius.

When people are unhealthy, they have an unhealthy lifestyle. They may smoke, drink too much, do drugs, eat crap, take prescription drugs or over-the-counters.

Their bodies are so toxic they’ve begun to shut down, a little at a time.

The extra fat they carry houses all those toxins in a desperate attempt to keep then out of the vital organs.

The fatigue is masked by coffee and sugar, the insomnia solved by Ambien, the unhappiness drugged in any number of ways.

Like a highway that’s not maintained, stretches of road are now being closed off. You have to figure out alternative routes, until eventually you run out of road, and your trip’s over.

When you say you were healthy before, I’m seeing more that you were beginning to live a pretty healthy life. You’d cut out most sugar, limited your drinking (I know, I know, but too much just isn’t good for you). It doesn’t look like you ever smoked (good for you - it’s the #1 most dangerous thing you can do to your body).

So in the beginning, you felt pretty good. Your body was like, “Hey, I like this good food and fresh water. I like the natural stuff.”

But then something happened. It felt safe enough (and healthy enough) to start getting rid of all of those built-up toxins it was storing over the years.

Bam! They all get dumped into your bloodstream.

Now you feel like crap, sick even.
“I thought I was supposed to feel better,” you say.

This is what’s known as a healing crisis, and most sources say it only lasts a day or two, but seriously, when I went through it, it was more like nine months, so don’t think it’s a quick trip down a flower-strewn path.

What’s happening? Major road construction, first off. Mass confusion and pain-in-the-butt stuff. Think 25th Street and University a few years ago.

The old is finally being torn up, everything is stripped down to the foundation, then the new is being built in place of the old. But that’s what you’re just coming out of, it looks like, so why the mysterious new symptoms?

Ask yourself if you’re ingesting or are around any chemicals or things that are unhealthy.

If you are, then your now-sensitive Stradivarius body is letting you know it doesn’t like whatever’s going on.

Since you’re now finely tuned and responsive, tuned in to your body, you’re going to now notice every little glitch.

Is it annoying? At first, totally, but gradually you can ease into the new rhythm and begin to feel grateful that you’re so in touch, and able to help your body achieve and maintain optimal health.

Will you still get rashes, allergic symptoms a nd mysterious ailments? As long as we continue to live in such a toxic world, probably.

But I maintain that on the whole, most people are waking up to the toxic environment in their bodies and in the world, and with everyone working together, I think everything will keep getting healthier and healthier.

Until that utopian time? Do what you can with what you’ve got and what you know.

Eat as much unprocessed, organic food as possible, drink a lot of pure water, use natural ingredients on your body and in your home, get good exercise and keep your weight down, get good sleep, be happy, avoid anything artificial (including friends!), and you’ll be off to a good start.

You’ll only keep getting better and better, so be grateful. The alternative? A life of doctors, hospitals, sickness, pills, and disease.
Me? I’d rather spend my time playing basketball with my son and cooking stir-fry. How about you?

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