We Are not Alone

We Are not Alone

A: I love it when people talk about “dreams.” I don’t really believe in that whole concept—sometimes it seems as if they really aren’t about anything; they just feel like mental “noise” that’s being released from our consciousness. But other times they feel magical; they are prophetic and, well, real. This is what I know: there is a “door” between our two brain hemispheres: when we sleep, that door is opened, and the energy flows freely between the two. So the separations between the logical side and the creative side are not so set. Unconsciousness and consciousness now dance together, and what comes up from that right side into our conscious left side can be quite impressive and confounding.
Have you ever had a dream that was so real you didn’t realize it was a dream until days later? Or had a dream that later came true? Or had a dream about someone, only to find out that they had had a dream about you, too? How do you explain all of that? You won’t find the answers in any dream book, so I’ll defer to the highest expert I know - yourself and your own experiences.
When you dream about someone who’s died, the first thing I ask is “were you in a setting from the past? Or were you talking about current things with them?” If you were all at a picnic that happened 40 years ago, chances are you’re just remembering that time. But if your dead grandmother appears to you and asks how you’re doing, and you start talking about your current life, that’s no ordinary dream.
Something really cool happens when you go to sleep, and that is that the boundaries between this physical plane and all the other planes of existence get really thin, so more information can come through to us. The easiest way for that information to get here is when we’re asleep, and our physical bodies and left brains are essentially quieted. Then it’s easier to hear and see that information. I don’t think we’re ever alone. I think all of those loved ones who’ve died are constantly around us, supporting us and comforting us. I don’t think they’re “held back” from moving to the Light - I think that when we die, we are always in the Light, so we can be with a whole bunch of people at the same time—there are no limits. I also happen to believe that when we get close to death, we are helped through the “door” by our loved ones, so it doesn’t surprise me to hear that your mom’s friend dreamt of her dead mother right before she died. I think that’s preparation; and again, I think that can be really comforting if you believe that this life isn’t all there is, and there’s something more that we’re getting ready for, and that people we love will be there with us on that journey.
Having said that, I don’t think your mom’s dreams about her grandmother are about your mom getting ready to die. Again, she’d have to be the one to figure out if that’s true for her or not, but present this to your mom: the next time she has a dream like this, see if she can face her grandmother and ask her these questions, “Who are you and what do you want?” It feels more like issues between your mom and grandmother, things that your mother does that are like your grandmother. Your mother doesn’t like those traits, but feels like she doesn’t have a choice—she has to act like her grandmother. You may want to talk to your mom about that. How is she like her grandmother, what was her grandmother like, was she happy, did she live the life she wanted to live, or did she settle somehow? Dreams are rich in symbolism, and it’s up to each person to interpret their own symbols.
Encourage your mom to start a journal, and keep it private. This is a place where she can write all of her fears, concerns, joys, dreams and disappointments, where she can heal family issues and come to some peace about herself and her life. I think that’s more of what these dreams represent, but again, only your mom knows for sure. But you can help her figure it all out by talking with her about the possibilities. Sweet dreams!

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