If you’ve got one, it seems to keep crashing. If you’ve got a new one, you can’t switch your info. over to your new one. If you’re like me, you purchase a piece of equipment (like a videocam), and you find out after you get it home that it’s not compatible with your Mac!! (after the store promised it was) That leads me to think that this whole computer thing probably IS symbolic for a lot of things in our lives. We’re in the time of major transitions and “upgrades,” energetically speaking. What doesn’t work is being tossed out (in our lives AND with our computers). We’re decluttering (trying to organize our files), streamlining, trying to figure it all out. For me, I can’t quite seem to get in sync with all of my systems. First I get one computer’s printer working, then my other computer won’t connect to the internet. At one point, I couldn’t get onto the internet OR print on ANY of our three computers that are in the house. How symbolic is that? Pretty symbolic, I’d say. So I am concentrating on my one new computer. I gave the other one away, and I’m spending all of my time learning just this one. It’s focusing, it’s sticking with it, it’s not giving up. Which I think is also symbolic for where a lot of us are in our lives, as well - focusing on what we need and want, and not giving up until we figure it out.

Posted 6 years, 6 months ago by Susie Ekberg | Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | View Susie Ekberg's profile.

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