You Say It’s Your Birthday

Q: Do you think there’s any relevance to our birth day and time? Do you think we can pick the exact moment of our birth, or know somehow when it will be?

A:  I always loved being born on August 18 – it was 8.18 and I thought that was very symmetrical and cosmic, somehow – like one (me) being sandwiched cozily between two infinities (eights). Mom always said I was two week’s late; heck, I weighed 11 pounds (yup, I was ALWAYS petite!). What’s up with that? My little grand-nephew was born exactly at 7:14 on 7.14 – a coincidence? Maybe, but let’s dive a little deeper (as I am wont to do).

Astrologers would tell you that the day, time, and place you were born all have an influence on your life, according to the pull of the different planets as they were aligned in the sky at the time of your birth. And if you’ve ever had your charts done, they can be a fascinating way of understanding yourse lf in a different way.  But as I understand it, the pull has to do with the path that your soul takes as it travels down to be in your body at the time of your birth. If that’s the accepted thinking, then I have to disagree with that theory because I don’t think our souls are necessarily outside our bodies before we’re born. They may travel in and out, getting the lay of the land, so to speak (because our bodies are awfully dense, and it’s quite an adjustment going from not being in bodily form (our souls) to residing IN a bodily form (our bodies).

Aside from where the soul is or is not at the time of birth (and even assuming you believe in the concept of a soul), I think it’s more interesting to think about what’s going on BEFORE we’re born. So let’s talk about that, shall we? Remember – this is just my opinion, and what I know at the present moment. Ask me again tomorrow – it may all have changed. Okay, here I am, back in Soul form, hanging out in the Oneness of it all, making my plans. What to do next? Do I want to go back into a body, or hang out and act as a guide for someone? Do I want to go somewhere else and have some new experiences (don’t ask me where “somewhere else” is – I haven’t the faintest clue, but I have a sneaking suspicion this isn’t t he only game in town)? What have I learned from my past life (remember – this is assuming you believe in reincarnation), and what do I hope to learn from this one, if I am reborn? Who do I want to be around? Friends? Family? Parents? Sisters or brothers? Will I have a strong, healthy body, or have physical limitations? What part of the world do I want to live in? What color skin? Sex? Height, hair color, eye color? You see – you’ve got a lot of stuff to figure out. Hey – there’s my brother from a past life, and he’s wanting a new baby. I really love my brother, and want to be with him again. Okay, ready? Go!!!

On some level I think your once brother/future father also picks you, because when you have been united in love at any time, there is an eternal connection. You could spot each other no matter where you are, no matter what form you’re in.  So if you believe there are no coincidences (and I am one of those who don’t believe anything happens by chance), then you may believe that everything happens in its perfect time. This includes our birth. I think I may walk a fine line between predestination and free will, but I think they can walk hand in hand. I think it’s predetermined when we’re born, but I think WE’RE the co-orchestrators of that time, not some floating Something out there that runs the wh ole show. That’s the guy behind the curtain on the “Wizard of Oz” – as in “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” No – if you could believe that you have some input into the machinations and setup of your life, couldn’t that make you feel more secure and comforted right now? Your life’s not just a random series of whatevers, drifting by aimlessly. It’s like a beautiful tapestry, woven intricately with the picture that you imagined before your birth. And just like a tapestry, when looked at from one side it looks messy and haphazard, with threads hanging and no cohesiveness. But turn it around and look at it from the other side – ah, its beauty leaves you speechless!

So imagine your life from the opposite perspective – that of you looking down on your life, and not from you being inside of your life. Think of the broader picture – take a step back, and see how all of those tiny dots make a picture. Seurat did that, and at the time it was mind-boggling and very controversial, certainly not conventional. But who ever said we should live conventional lives? Who ever told us we should think in a certain way? What would it mean to you if you were to believe that you DID choose the day and time of your birth? Would it make you feel more in control of your life? If so, then tally ho, good friend, and you’re off… to a fuller, more lively and conscious life. Oh, and happy birthday (whenever that may be) – I’m glad you were born.
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