Fargo Police Department keeping an eye on crime with cameras

Fargo Police Department keeping an eye on crime with cameras

The Fargo Police Department, which started monitoring downtown crime with cameras in 2012 with three stationary cameras after a rash of vandalism and thefts, also has three moveable portable cameras used for real-time monitoring of large events such as the Fargo Marathon, ESPN Game Day, large events at the Fargodome and this week at the Fargo Street Fair. The moveable cameras act as an eye in the sky for highly crowded events.

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Power to the People

With the oil sector now bigger than Ag here in North Dakota, we’ve just witnessed an epic shift in defining who we North Dakotans are. The one caveat about oil, however, is that it’s a one-time harvest.

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Tim Sparks’ “Chasin’ the Boogie”

tim sparks

Guitarist and longtime Minnesota resident Tim Sparks has made a name for himself for many years by taking on ambitious concepts on the guitar.
Whether it be taking the music of avant-garde composer and saxophonist John Zorn’s band Masada Quartet and condensing it to solo acoustic guitar, or when, in 2009, Sparks released “Little Princess” rearranging and deconstructing the music of Naftule Brandwein—a klezmer clarinetist from the ‘20s dubbed “The King of the Klezmer Clarinet.”

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The Return of Maude’s Dilemma: “Obvious Child” Makes a Choice

Obvious child

Making her feature debut with an expanded adaptation of her 2009 short, Gillian Robespierre shows plenty of talent and even more promise in “Obvious Child,” a low-budget comedy attracting as much attention for its subject matter as it is for star Jenny Slate’s breakout performance. Slate plays Donna Stern, a smart, underemployed stand-up comic whose candid onstage disclosures drive away an already unfaithful boyfriend.

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Colorado beer special

Odell St. Lupulin (ABV 6.5%, IBU 46)
This dry-hopped extra pale ale begins with a floral hop scent and an amber-colored body. Poured from a tap, this beer had a minimal white head. With a malt-forward body and crisp, clean finish, it is a perfect summer seasonal available May through September.

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Ordinary love

ordinary love

Remember dial-up Internet and the thrill you got as you explored a virtual universe for the first time? Wasn’t the novelty of having things like Ebay only one click away exhilarating? Back then there was a friend of mine who, having just gotten a “really hot computer,” told me that he could dial-up and surf the web at “lightning speeds.” He loved his hot system and was certain that it was not just good enough, but was truly “as good as it gets.”

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The Great Gatsby, Downtown Street Fair, Racing for a Cause, Black Label Society, Jolie Holland, TedxFargo

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The last bow

Succeed in a business

For over five years now, the Trollwood Performing Arts School has taken up residence at the Bluestem Center for the Arts, leaving its park venue in north Fargo in 2008. Generations of area students have entertained audiences across the years with soaring musicals and community collaborations, and for one Trollwood performer, this summer’s show, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” marks the end of five years with the arts program.

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2014 Fargo City Commission race

Seven Fargo City Commission candidates will be on Fargo’s city election ballot this June 10. Two spots will be filled.

High Plains Reader asked the candidates the following three questions and gave them a tight word limit.

1. Why are you running for city commission? 

2. What does “taking care of the city” mean to you?

3. Why should we choose you over the other candidates—what makes you the best choice?

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