Medical Marijuana on the brink in Minnesota

Medical Marijuana on the brink in Minnesota Cover by Raul Gomez

Minnesota medical marijuana supporters hoping the state would join the nationwide trend towards legalizing some form of marijuana may be in for a letdown, but hope is still there.

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Our ‘Fargo’ conscious

ed pic

Perhaps the best thing about attending the sold out “Fargo” TV series premiere at The Fargo Theatre was the spectacle of it: standing in line in the cold, snapping selfies, drinking beer and being one with the laughing, clapping and shrieking crowd.

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London and Fargo collide


World-renowned violinist Chee-Yun will join the 80-piece Fargo-Moorhead Symphony for “From London With Love,” bringing her unique talent to the ears of our city to end the symphony’s first season with new conductor Christopher Zimmerman. 

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Shield vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.: Captain America Returns in “The Winter Soldier”

winter soldier

Using Steve Rogers’ status as a man out of time, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” grafts civil liberties-oriented political critique to its machine-tooled visual effects exoskeleton.

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Noreen Thomas of Doubting Thomas Farms

doubting thomas

We have more than our fair share of awesome women in our community. One name that immediately comes to mind is Noreen Thomas of Doubting Thomas Farms. If you are concerned at all about locally and organically grown food, then you’ve either met her or have heard her name. If you’ve eaten at HoDo, Black Bird Woodfire Pizza or People’s Organic, then you’ve probably eaten food from her farm.

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Bee-utiful soap: The Honey B Soap Company

Honey B

When our oldest daughter was just a newborn, I started to wonder about the ingredients I was putting on her skin while giving her a bath one night. I finished her bath and then proceeded to put baby lotion on her little body, using a product I (then) trusted. It was a bedtime lotion that was supposed to have relaxing properties. I remember glancing at the bottle and was a little disturbed to read the following:

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Best Bets

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Fargo TV

Fargo in 60 Seconds, Kevin Nealon, Joe Bonamassa, Heatbox, Premiere Party - FX TV Series “Fargo”, HPR’s Best of the Best 2014 Awards Celebration, “Inequality for All”

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NDSU Baccalaureate Candidates Spring Forward with their BFA Exhibit

Dave Sauvageau

April 15 marks the opening of the NDSU Spring Baccalaureate Exhibition. Nine students will exhibit a wide variety of mediums ranging from paintings, photography, screen printing and industrial-sign building techniques. Baccalaureate candidates include: Katie Laubenstien, Chelsey Lutovsky, Spencer Kelley, Sydney Martin, Jordan Nelson, Hannah Zoe Olson, Haily Peterson, Dave Sauvageau and Jordan Stiefel.

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Does North Dakota need a special session?


With all that is happening in western North Dakota, some cities in the heart of the oil boom have begun to ask the state for more help dealing with the challenges meeting the needs of their communities. Specifically, with the North Dakota Legislature meeting biennially for 80 days in odd numbered years, some have wondered if they can afford to wait until 2015 to get all the dollars needed to deal with the many aspects in various sectors affected by growing population and traffic by the ever exploding growth in the oil industry.

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