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​Trump Quotes

by C.S. Hagen | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | News | July 1st, 2018

FARGO – President Donald Trump came to North Dakota this week to promote current Congressman Kevin Cramer’s run for U.S. Senate, but dedicated less than three minutes of his speech to Cramer, preferring to speak for more than 70 minutes on his own policies.

Here is a collection of President Trump’s quotes he made during Fargo’s June 27, 2018 "Make America Great Rally." 

Scheels Arena, Fargo, North Dakota:

Steel something:
“We need a steel industry. We were going to have no steel plants. If something ever happened, if something ever happened, you know what I’m going to talk about, and we needed steel to make that something…”

“This place is packed. The only thing more packed is outside. Having a hard time, they couldn’t get in. It’s full. You know we had the chance for a 24,000-seat arena, and we should have taken it. The only problem is if we had two empty seats, we didn’t quite get there, they will say ‘He didn’t fill up the arena.’ We would have filled it up in retrospect.”

“I wish those cameras would circle the room to see how many thousands of people are here, because you know, on the screen, I look, and all you see are those few beautiful, wonderful people, I don’t know who the hell, that nice group over there, I know you have … they’re going to be so famous. But you see like, that little group, that’s all you’re going to see on camera. Would you please circle the room…? I just looked at the screen, and I said to my people, ‘How many people are here?’ They said 6,000 people in the arena, but we are going to have to unfortunately walk 15,000 or 18,000 people who couldn’t get in. And I said you got to be kidding, because of the screen it looks like exactly 30 people.”

NDSU Bison
“I want to congratulate the North Dakota State Bison. I shouldn’t tell you this, I shouldn’t tell you this, but when I was coming out they were talking about bison, I said it was a ‘s’ and they said it is, but it’s pronounced b-i-z-o-n. Didn’t want to get that wrong.”

Kevin Cramer
“A special person, an incredible person, the next United States Senator from the great state of North Dakota, Kevin Cramer… good guy.”

“We need a senator that doesn’t just talk like they’re from North Dakota but votes like they’re from North Dakota. That’s what you need.”

“We’re coming out with incredible plans. We’ve gotten rid of the individual mandate, which is terrible. It’s been gutted, but remember this: individual mandate, where you have the privilege of paying a lot of money for the second privilege of not having to pay for not getting healthcare. What kind of a deal is that? So you pay in order to not to have to pay because you don’t want the healthcare that is no good anyway… So we’re coming out with another plan… millions and millions of people are signing up… we’re coming up with so many healthcare plans so much better than anything you’ve ever seen. You know Obamacare is essentially dead.”

Sanctuary Cities
“Heidi [Heitkamp] voted in favor of the deadly, very, very dangerous Sanctuary Cities.”

Crooked Hillary
“By the way, by the way a lot of media back here, if crooked Hillary would have won the election and if she came here, which is about a zero-percent chance, after the election, she’d have 200 people in a conference room in a small hotel. You know the saddest thing, we, I, were making them rich.”

Travel ban ruling and Supreme Court importance
“The travel ban ruling… just how critical it is to confirm judges who will support our Constitution. Justice Anthony Kennedy, a very special guy, also just announced a little while ago just announced his retirement from the United States Supreme Court. And I am very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to carry on his great legacy.”

“And remember this, so we have a pick to come up. And we have to pick a great one, we have to pick one that’s going to be there for 40 years, 45 years, we need intellect, we need so many things, you know, so many elements go into the making a great justice of the Supreme Court, you have to hit every one of them.”

“Justice Kennedy’s retirement makes the issue of Senate control one of the vital issues of our time. The most important thing we can do. Democrats want judges that will rewrite the Constitution any way they want to do it, and take away your Second Amendment, erase your borders, throw open the jailhouse doors, and destroy your freedoms.”

“In the Senate, we have 51, we don’t have enough. If we lose one, if somebody gets a bad cold, let’s assume they come in for a cold, so let’s assume it’s worse than that, it’s a very tough situation.”

Blue wave
“They keep talking about this blue wave, their blue wave is really sputtering pretty badly. The red wave is happening.”

“Republicans want strong voters and low crime. Very simple. Democrats want open borders, and crime, crime, crime happens automatically when you have those open borders. The Democrats want to let country be overrun, just take a look at what’s going on. Everyone comes in, including the vile gang MS13, which Nancy Pelosi has gone out and wants to protect.”

“The Republicans love our military they love our vets and our police. The Democrats are always fighting against funding for our military and funding for law enforcement. Figure that one out. Democrats are now launching vicious smears against our incredible ICE officers and border patrol agents. Every single day the men and women of ICE and the CPC work long hours in the most dangerous conditions you can imagine to defend our families, and to defend our communities, and to defend our borders… And I’ll tell you what, you know, far fewer people are coming through, as much as I complain, are coming through our southern border, and now it’s getting worse because we have so much opportunity here. We’re doing so well, and we want people to come to our country, but we want people to come into our country based on merit. Merit. And we’re sending MS13 out by the thousands, we’re liberating towns. We are sending MS13 out, you know our ICE officer are tough. I gotta say it, it’s not nice, but they are mean, but they have heart.”

ICE- “very brave and honorable”

“But they go into these towns, in Long Island, I grew up in Long Island, right next to… and these are towns I have known all my life. They’re being liberated like a foreign power has taken over the towns. Our ICE goes in there, they grab them by the neck, they throw them in the paddy wagon, we get them the hell out of our country. And the Democrats are constantly complaining we’re too rough on ICE. Can you believe it? Can you see what they do? Bling, bling.”

“Every day border agents are keeping drugs, crime and gangs from entering our country. We’re going to get that wall built, we’ve already started it, $1.6 billion dollars.”

“It’s already begun, and it’s beautiful.”

“In recent days, we’ve heard of shameless attacks on these courageous law enforcement officers. Extremists, Democrat politicians have called for the complete elimination of ICE. ‘We don’t want ICE anymore.’ You know what would happen to our country? It would be overrun with the worst criminal elements you have ever seen. Left wing activists are trying to block ICE officers doing their jobs, and publicly posting their home addresses putting these incredible people and their families in harm’s way. These radical democrat protesters really want anarchy, but the only response they will find from our government is very strong law and order. We will not allow attacks on our law enforcement. We will protect our law enforcement like they protect us.”

Respect and trade
“Thanks to Republican leadership, America is winning again. And America is being respected again all over the world, we’re respected again. All over the world we’re respected again. You know all these red hats and white hats, make America Great Again, make America great, and that’s what we’re doing. What are we gonna say in two years? ‘Keep America Great.’ Exclamation point. Exclamation point.”

“We’ve gained seven trillion dollars in value. Trillion, with a T. Trillion. I have wealthy friends like Harold Hamm, they don’t even know what trillion represents. I say, ‘How many billions are in a trillion,’ and I’m not even sure Harold could answer that. But I will tell you what, we gained tremendous worth, economic worth, and other worth, more important worth: we’re respected again, we’re putting America first, we’re making great trade deals. Seven trillion. Now think of what that is.”

“And we’re going to get along with China, and we’re going to get along with the European Union, which has barriers from our farmers and our people selling product into the European Union. Last year with the European Union, and we love the European Union, we love the nations of the European Union, but the European Union, of course, was setup to take advantage of the United States, to attack our piggy bank, right? You know what, we can’t let that happen. Last year, with the European Union, we lost $151 billion dollars, we had a trade deficit of $151 billion. They send the Mercedes in, they send the BMWs in, they send their products in, we send our products in and they say ‘No thanks, we don’t want your product.’ And for all the free traders out there that’s not free trade, that’s stupid trade.”

“So I said to him, like the great Harold Hamm would say, this to him is a natural thing I said to them very simply, look… if you’re not going to treat us fairly… then we’re going to tax all those beautiful Mercedes Benz’s that are coming in and we’re going to tax BMWs that are coming in.”

Steel and solar
“And by the way, have you seen what’s happening to our steel industry in the last four months? It’s booming. United States Steel is opening up six plants… Georgetown Steel is reopening and hiring 600 people. We put tariffs on solar panels because China was flooding the market and it wasn’t good stuff. We had 32 plants, two were open and they were barely breathing, they were mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. We put a 30 percent tax on solar panels coming into the United States and now those two plants are doing very, very great.”

“Same thing with washing machines, sounds kind of tacky, washing machines. We put a big tariff on, 30 percent. We’re now making washing machines. What else are we doing, because you’ll never hear this from the fake news. We’re creating jobs and we’re taking billions and billions of dollars into our coffers. You know there was a time, when we had tariffs, because you had presidents like President McKinley and Roosevelt, Roosevelt One.”

“Look at the steel, we have a 25 percent tariff. We need a steel industry. If something ever happened, you know what I’m talking about, and we needed steel to make that something, we wouldn’t be able to make steel. There are some industries, steel and aluminum, we gotta have it.”

“Sometimes our worst enemies are our so-called friends and allies, right?”

Our presidency
“Heritage Foundation just reported that within the first 500 days of our presidency… It’s not my presidency, it’s our presidency, let’s face it, it’s not my presidency, you’re the one who did it, you’re the one who did it, although I’ve been a good student… I told John and I told a whole group, we had a whole group of politicians before, and you know some of them have been Congressmen for 25 or 30 years, and they’re asking me questions about politics and I said ‘I’ve only been doing this for like two-and-a-half years, don’t ask me questions about politics.’ But we’ve been good students, haven’t we, all together? But the Heritage Foundation came out with a report, and this as of two months ago, we’ve already implemented 64 percent of our top agenda items and that’s at a much faster pace than even Ronald Regan. That’s pretty good, right?”

Unemployment and wages
“And you don’t hear this from the fake news, we’ve created 3.4 million new jobs since election day, 3.4. Unemployment, think of this one, unemployment is at a 45 year low, and it’s going to 63 I believe probably next month. African American unemployment is at the lowest level in the history of our country. Hispanic American unemployment also is at the lowest point in the history of our country. Unemployment among women, remember we were going to do so poorly with women, look at all the women here tonight. They never take those cameras off my face, look at all the women. Remember when we were going to do so poorly with the women? I did great with the women. I wouldn’t be standing here… my wife told me I would do great with the women. It’s hard to believe it with the kind of press we get.”

“So, we keep going, and we keep striving, and when it’s all over nobody will have done the job we have done.”

“And now for the first time in 22 years, wages are rising again. And even more importantly in that, you have a choice of jobs.”

“We have eliminated record numbers of job-killing regulations. I think maybe as important as the tax cuts, the regulations. Our country was choking.”

“Car plants are moving into Michigan. Jobs are moving into Michigan.”

“It’s like the VA, we finally approved choice, they’ve been trying to do it for 45 years… You have great vets in North Dakota. Vets. Vets. So remember I used to say about the vets, and I wasn’t a great student of the vets, but I’d read where the vets would be in line for 13 days, 18 days, three weeks, seven days, and they’d start off and they wouldn’t be in bad shape, and sometimes it would take so long before seeing the doctor that they would be terminally ill, things that could have been taken care. And I said without knowing anything, I thought it was the most brilliant policy I ever heard, ‘Why don’t they just go to the doctor, local, that is looking for the business, that would be a very good doctor… go to a doctor, be taken care of, and we will pay the bill and it would be much less expensive, and it would be all set, right?”

“And I thought that was something, I said, ‘Oh, I was so smart, I am the smartest person.’ My uncle was a great professor at MIT for 40 years, and I thought ‘I am smarter than him.’ And you know what, I will tell you, I came in and I said that to a group of people that are professionals and have been working with vets for a long time and they said ‘We know about that, we’ve been trying to get it approved for 30 years.’ So I was so disappointed because I thought it was my idea. But I will tell you what I was good at. I was good at good at getting it done. I got it done. I signed it. We got it done. They were trying to get it done for 40 years, and I thought it was my idea.”

Russian investigation
“And then they go after us for a Russian hoax, it’s a witch hunt hoax. Isn’t it incredible when you talk about a double standard? When you talk about a double standard, and nobody even looks at her [Hillary Clinton]. I don’t think, unless we’re going to be surprised someday.”

“We weren’t expected to win, but every time I went out we had crowds like this.”

“We just had our highest poll numbers. A year-and-a-half ago they said I was an interloper. How bad is that? An interloper. And now they say, a thing comes out, a big poll, a number of polls… that he’s the most powerful most popular Republican in the history of the party, and a little while ago I was an interloper. But a little while ago I was an interloper, I was just doing my thing, I’m not an interloper. But we have tremendous, look at the people we endorsed.”

Democratic socialist
“One of my biggest critics, a slovenly man, named Joe Crowley, got his ass kicked by a young woman who had a lot of energy. I guess he didn’t see it; they couldn’t find her. He spent a lot of money. So I was disappointed in a way when he got beat because … now he’s just looking at us saying, ‘Darling, what happened?’ Politics is a mean game, isn’t it? It’s a pleading game.”

Women – child tax credit
“Our plan doubled the child tax credit, thank you Ivanka Trump. She wanted that so badly. My daughter and my wife Melania, they love, they love the women, and the women love them. And the men love them. Child tax credit. People don’t talk about it that much, it’s very substantial, and you know we got it for you.”

Farmers and taxes
“Six months ago Republicans passed the biggest tax cuts and reform in American history… We slashed taxes for working families most of them in half and saved our family farms and our small business by eliminating the estate tax… in almost all cases, it’s known as the death tax. And now when you leave your small business or your farm, you leave it to your children, your children don’t have to go to the bank borrow money and end up losing the farm or losing the business.”

Harold Hamm of Continental Resources
“He puts a straw in the ground and oil comes out... If I ever want to find oil I will call Harold. Here’s a straw, Harold.” 

“We’re smarter than they are, and they say the elite, we’re the elite, you’re the elite. I look at them and say that’s elite? We got more money, we got more brains, we got more money, we got more boats…”

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