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News | March 13th, 2019

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FARGO – The “Alt-right” may be attempting to reform its public image after the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, but leaked chat logs from white power group servers on Discord reveal they’re just as fanatic, and some elected North Dakota politicians sympathize or are secret supporters of neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology.

Media outlet Unicorn Riot released more than 770,000 messages from chat servers associated with Identity Evropa last week, around the same time that white supremacist fliers once again began appearing in universities and public areas in Fargo.

Identity Evropa is known for its anti-Semitic leadership and partnering with white nationalist organizations for disruptions and rallies. The group’s fliers often feature slogans such as “Protect Your Heritage,” and “Our Destiny is Ours,” and they are known for chanting “You will not replace us” or “Jews will not replace us” during marches.

In Fargo, one flier slipped between windshield wipers last week stated: “All Hate Crimes Are Hoaxes,” and “brought to you by your local Stormer Book Club.” The upper left corner of the flier shows a long-nosed, bearded man in a fedora known as the “Happy Merchant” with the word “Press” on the side. Along the bottom are African American celebrities, politicians, and “Empire” television show actor Jussie Smollet in a Clorox bleach shirt with someone holding a noose.

Fargo flier stuck to windshields first week in March in the Roosevelt Neighborhood area near NDSU

Since 2017, white supremacist propaganda efforts have seen a 182 percent increase with 1,187 cases reported across the nation, according to a recent report made public by Anti-Defamation League. College campuses have been targeted, but there has been a 572 percent jump in off-campus pushes as well. In North Dakota alone, there have been at least three documented instances of racist flier operations in the past two years.

Information gleaned from the Identity Evropa servers show that there are at least 15 people from Fargo and/or North Dakota participating with or are sympathizers with Identity Evropa. One of the people involved goes by the handle, Chad Radkersburg-ND, which is Pete Tefft, the self-declared unit leader for the Nationalist Socialist Movement, or NSM, of North Dakota.

“Achievement unlocked,” Tefft, under the name Chad Radkersburg-ND, posted to the Tradworker server chat. “Senate candidate and most likely the next North Dakota Senator friend requested me @everyone.”

Pete Tefft's message and screenshot uploaded to Identity Evropa Discord chat room pertaining to Senator Tom CampbellBeneath his December 4, 2017 post, at least four months after Tefft’s involvement in the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally was made public, he added a Facebook screenshot. Four days later Campbell’s campaign managers reportedly banned Tefft from posting to his Facebook page.

“Tom Campbell sent you a friend request.”

Five months earlier and shortly after Tefft left Virginia, he posted the article “Point of View Under Fire” published by the High Plains Reader in the Vibrant Diversity chat that had 530 users, which also featured praise for Dylan Roof, the mass murderer sentenced to death for the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting.

“Here’s the hit piece about it,” Tefft said. “News stations got my back and so does Toyota. LOL. This leftist rag has a huge boner for me. Owned by a literal sodomite who is also a city council member. I made appointments with all member[s] of city council so they don’t [think] I’m playing favorites even though we have some of our guys on there as well. Our guys assured me they would grant me a permit for my event.”

Although Tefft’s event never took place, he bragged about scaring the local community and that the media, including the Fargo Forum, radio stations AM 1100 The Flag, and WDAY, were on his side.

“Hey, I made a call into the local right-wing radio station this morning to plug the [“Unite the Right”] rally, they finally played it over lunch break here,” Tefft wrote. “ND media is pretty based [to be honest] fam.”

He didn’t like radio host Joel Heitkamp on KFGO 790 AM.

“I love in my KFGO spot I shut Joel up by saying ‘why are you always bring[ing] up the Joos, Joel?’”

Tefft added that his next car would be a Toyota because the company did not pull advertising from Valley News Live’s Point of View with Chris Berg. The opinion piece featured an interview with Tefft, and critics claimed Berg tried to normalize racist ideology by refusing to acknowledge Tefft as a white supremacist.

In February 2018, District 21 Republicans expelled Tefft from the party saying he does not believe in party principles. Tefft, as the unit leader for the Nationalist Socialist Party in North Dakota, supported current Senator Kevin Cramer, state Senator Tom Campbell, and current Congressman Kelly Armstrong, all Republicans, but none of the elected politicians have directly replied to questions pertaining to the NSM’s support.

Pete Tefft aka Chad Radkersburg-ND posting in the Tradework Discord chat on August 20, 2017

Tefft also posted a list of 65 members of Antifa who were at the “Unite the Right” rally opposing white supremacists in chat. After he returned home he targeted the Red River Valley Democratic Socialists of America along with someone using the tag B1488 saying they needed to gather intelligence on the group. The person named B1488 also mentioned infiltrating the Southern Poverty Law Center chapters and affiliates on August 21, 2017 in the Tradeworker chat.

The Vibrant Diversity chat is filled with magazine pictures of beautiful white women, and a warning:

“When you’re white there is no upgrade. Don’t mix.”

Fashion tips for men were also included. Suggested hairstyles were to mimic Robert Redford, clothing styles to include leather jackets, t-shirts, and knit sweaters, and their type of girls included those with “high test thighs wants lotsa kids.”

Others, who are known primarily by their handles include: BryceB-ND, Scrummy, The Enlightened Shepherd, Tee-CA, AnonSean98, Nothing_Much, SDifference , Brandon Ironside-ND, RaHoWa Ryan, Ghostofthevolk, NickChappell – from Brookings, South Dakota, formerly with the Nationalist Socialist Movement in Fargo, Broseph, Shinjitsu, Der Seeteuful-SD, and HemorrhoidPi.

All politicians involved have been contacted for comment repeatedly, but none responded directly. In 2018, Armstrong reportedly said he did not want Tefft’s support, but Tefft continued to show his support for Armstrong’s platform. The leadership of North Dakota’s Republican Party was also contacted, but did not respond to questions.

Fargo, ND Feb. 2018 - HemorrhoidPi

White supremacist fliers
BryceB-ND has been identified by the Canary Mission as Bryce Boepple, a finance student at North Dakota State University, who is also an obstacle course racing athlete, according to his Facebook page and personal blogspot. Pictures Boepple posted of himself are identical to a photograph used by the Canary Mission, linking him as the user BryceB-ND.

The Canary Mission is an organization that documents individuals and organizations that promote hate on North American college campuses. At the same time those who wish to be removed from the Canary Mission’s website need only to contact them to become an “Ex-Canary.”

Identity Evropa is listed as a hate group by Canary Mission, as is CAIR, or the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jewish Voice for Peace, along with terrorist groups such as Hamas.

“You can’t talk your way through a dox,” Boepple wrote in a chat. “Leftists and Jewish websites like Canary Missions will seek to ruin your reputation and stifle your employment opportunities. Secure your social media/get rid of it prior to activism."

Bryce Boepple picture April 2018 - FacebookSince Boepple was “doxxed” by Canary Mission, his Twitter account is protected, and his public Facebook feed is limited.

According to the leaked information by Unicorn Riot, Boepple called for support to flood Paypal executives who reportedly refused financial services to “dissident journalists and news companies” like Sweden-based Red Ice TV, one of the leading white supremacist voices on the internet, which has amassed more than 230,000 followers.

He supports conservative mouthpiece Tomi Lahren, saying that: “...If she is running around making redpill docs that get tons of views that’s pretty damn great.

“Would you rather she stifle her progress/career spreading the message which may inspire many more white families to procreate so that she can settle down and have maybe 1 or 2 of her own?”

On November 24, 2018, he posted to the Nice Respectable People Group that the Midwest was getting “flyering action again. Great pics guys. Keep it up, the Midwest has the potential to be the best IE [Identity Evuropa] chapter.

“After we’ve dealt with our demographic issues, we have a long road ahead of us fixing the lifestyles of your average white male.”

Like Tefft, Boepple believes that some local media supports their movements.

“Lots of tempered media personalities are beginning to unabashedly promote white racial consciousness,” Boepple said. “It’s coming back.”

Boepple also made anti-Semitic statements, comments that are no longer visible on his social media accounts, according to Canary Mission. He claims to volunteer at nursing homes, food banks, and heritage centers, and once worked the Bakken oil fields doing chemical and sterilization work as a certified chemical applicator through NDSU.

"Ultimately it's our fault for letting ourselves be played, but with that mindset you can go back all the way to every single country that Jews as a group have pushed their weight around too much," Boepple posted to the Discord chat.

In the fall of 2017, Boepple and a person identified only as Brandon Ironside-ND, put up Identity Evropa fliers at North Dakota State University, Minot State University, and the University of North Dakota. On September 25, 2017, he posted a picture of an Identity Evropa fliers posted at NDSU entitled “Our Generation, Our Future, Our Last Chance” and “Action Leadership Identity.”

He posted similar pictures to the Identity Evropa servers of fliers saying that were pinned up by him and Ironside at University of North Dakota in Grand Forks in October 2017.

After the propaganda was disseminated, he received congratulatory comments.

“Thank you, I forgot to mention @Brandon Ironside-ND was also with me and contributed equally. Great effort,” Boepple wrote on October 4, 2017 to the Nice Respectable People Group under the hashtag #activism_photos.

Fresh from North Dakota fliers Bryice Boepple wrote he pinned up at various universities in North Dakota

The next day, a motive for disseminating the propaganda was revealed: “Living in a day where sexual degenerates are getting stand up individuals fired because they… what… advocate for their in group? Furious,” Boepple wrote in the Nice Respectable People Group on October 5, 2017.

On January 29, 2018, Boepple posted a picture of himself with his girlfriend at the Timber Challenge obstacle race, hoping that he could one day get his Identity Evropa crew to participate.

When contacted for comment by a telephone number listed on his blogspot, the person who answered denied he was Bryce Boepple. An email was sent asking Boepple for information, to which he did not reply.

Pete Tefft and his magazine the Flyovers - photograph by C.S. Hagen

Birth of a Nationalist Socialist
Choosing a title for Pete Tefft is easy as understanding an “Alt-right” meme. His back stiffens when called a Nazi; he is a flag-waving member of North Dakota’s Nationalist Socialist Movement. He’s not a racist; he’s a fascist, and fears what he calls white flight. He doesn’t hate; he would support a cross burning.

In February 2017, Fargoan Luke Safely outed Tefft as a Nazi, a claim Tefft will interrupt a conversation to redefine. In his words his beliefs were simpler then, as now: he’s pro-white, believes the white race is in danger of becoming a minority. The term Nazi is a slur, for him, “like the ‘N’-word.”

And yet, Tefft is a volunteer unit leader for the Nationalist Socialist Movement, or NSM, in North Dakota, an “Alt-right” group historically linked to the American Nazi Party. In late July 2017, days before a rally against hate occurred in Fargo, a man going by the name of Hal Resnick was appointed to the leadership position. He called for a pro-white rally that never happened, and condemned civil rights workers, saying they’re guilty of white genocide.

Resnick is Tefft. He admitted as much in person, and in videos.

“Am I Hal Resnick? Yes,” Tefft said.

Tefft also declared his affiliation in a November 2017 video on his Facebook page, when he answered the same question posed by separatist Kynan Dutton during a pro-white rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Once Dutton introduced himself as a former North Dakota resident with Creativity Movement’s Craig Cobb, Tefft warmed up, patting him on the back. Dutton, an Iraq war veteran, lived in rural Leith with his partner, Deborah Henderson, and their five young children. He’s one of a small group who answered Cobb’s call in 2012 for white supremacists to create a voting majority in Leith, with the hopes of creating an all-white ethno town, a Pioneer Little Europe enclave.

In the video, Dutton, carrying a Nationalist Socialist shield, said he was driven out of the town, population 16. He asked if Tefft was allowed to stage events in North Dakota, and Tefft replied, saying he had spoken to city officials and “they didn’t have a problem with it.”

“Where about?”

“Fargo, North Dakota.”

“Oh, that’s why,” Dutton said.

Fargo is Tefft’s home, no other place he’d rather be. If he woke up one morning to a perfect “Alt-right” world, he knows what it would look like.

“Well, it would look a lot like Fargo,” Tefft said. “You know, that’s just what it is, in homogenous societies people get along, they trust each other and can leave their doors unlocked.”

Pete Tefft - center - along with other NSM members in August 2017 - Facebook

Tefft grew up privileged, and right wing, he said, attended Shanley High School, dabbled in the performing arts, including a skit on stilts he made for Schpongle, an English psychedelic music project. A thicker teenage version of himself, weighing 190 pounds, he played football, offensive and defensive lineman. In 2015, he protested police arming drones in Bismarck, and hopes one day the Republican Party will embrace environmental issues and keep America out of international wars.

He’s opposed to refugee replacement in Fargo, wants to keep the city white washed.

“There’s a phenomenon called white flight, and it’s been happening,” Tefft said. “The only thing is we are running out of places to go, and a lot of us are pretty sick of giving up cities due to forced integration, like Detroit. Detroit was once over 90 percent white, now it’s 85 percent black and it’s a hellhole.”

Most North Dakota politicians are Alt-lite, Tefft said.

“They’re willing to take some semi-edgy stances but not go full on, they’re being implicitly pro-white and we’re tired of that,” Tefft said. “We don’t want that. We want someone to say, ‘It’s okay to be white.’”

According to a January 2018 discussion with members of the Nationalist Front, a loose coalition of neo-Nazi, fascist, white nationalist/white supremacist, Southern Nationalist/neo-Confederate, and other “Alt-right” groups, Tefft forsook his affiliation with Identity Evropa. Infighting occurred and Tefft threatened a person named “Nathan” that he would bust his jaw open, according to Justin Burger (Major-GA) on January 16, 2018 in the General chat.

“Pete Tefft defended us and left IE because they started attacking us,” Burger said. “Pete, he is with NF now. They started smearing us on SM. And started sh*t talking us.”

The infighting, or the attempted separation between Identity Evropa and the Nationalist Socialist Movement and other white supremacist groups, marked Identity Evropa’s attempt to begin “whitewashing” their public image. No more violence, they wanted. They began calling themselves identitarian and merely “pro-white” without advocating hate for other races, but according to their chat logs, they’ve not strayed far - if at all - from National Socialist ideology.

Picture posted by RedRightHand on Vibrant Diversity Discord chat on January 29, 2017

White supremacist interests
The Daily Stormer, one of the most prominent white supremacist platforms, and the group responsible for disseminating the fliers around Fargo recently, is also trying to entice pre-teens into accepting Nazism.

“Anyone who accepts Nazism at the age of 10 or 11 is going to be a Nazi for life,” a person by the name of Zeiger wrote. “And it isn’t hard. It’s just a matter of pulling them in. And what better way to do it than with Pokemon fliers at the Pokemon Go gym?”

Users in the Discord chats came from a variety of organizations, the Proud Boys, Identity Evropa, Nazis, the Nationalist Front, the Ku Klux Klan, and others. Some inside the leaked chats posted pictures of their young children with “SS” (World War II Nazi paramilitary organization Schutzstaffel) painted on their cheeks.

Many turned their attention to the Midwest to establish “ethno states,” similar to what Craig Cobb attempted at Leith in 2012. Members frequently asked questions about homeschooling and pooling resources to build Trump’s southern border wall, a part of the Fourth Reich.

Nearly everyone in the chats supported the Right to Life movement, saying abortion is a form of white genocide. They also wanted to emulate Marxists and indoctrinate, “redpill/whitepill” Millennials, and getting young people to get back into churches.

Others made plans to infiltrate the ACLU as legal observers for pipeline activity.

Posted by RedRightHand on February 4, 2017 in Vibrant Diversity chat

Another hallmark of the “Alt-right” is three parentheses around a name or word, which began to denote Judaism or to be part of a “Jewish conspiracy” after Nazi podcast called “The Daily Shoah” by Mike Enoch used an echo sound each time a Jewish name was used. The practice has been reclaimed in some circles as it also denotes Nazi words.

Despite the focus on hate, violence, and a racial holy war, many in chat frequently discussed religion, how to live life healthily in spirit and in body, which included dating tips, how to properly dance with a woman, how a full hug between a man and a woman was sinful, and refusing to admit that the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth was a person of color.

They also believed in and discussed “fake news” that former President Barack Obama fled the country after Trump took office, and that law enforcement discovered 4.2 tons of cocaine aboard a fishing boat “Lady Michelle” in South America, which they said belonged to the former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

“Perpetrate hate crimes and blame them on Jews,” a person named Gray wrote on March 30, 2017.

Weapons lined up to form the word Trump and picture posted by RedRightHand

Although Identity Evropa’s leadership occasionally warned chat users not to use extremist speech, hatred toward Jews and African Americans were frequently posted, including the codeword “dindu nuffin,” a racist phrase used by the “Alt-right” to mock protests against police shootings of unarmed black men. The word “nibba,” a play on the “N-word,” is also used more than 70 times in the chats.

RaHoWa, or a racial holy war, is on the horizon, according to the “Alt-right.” Chat members frequently made mention to the futuristic ideal, going as far as to say Breitbart wasn’t conservative enough because the platform, once ran by President Trump’s former chief of staff, Steve Bannon, doesn’t mention holy racial wars.

“Believe in yourself,” Ulysses said in General chat on March 8, 2017. “Global nuclear RaHoWa starts with you.”

“I give zero f*cks about living forever,” Caerulus_Rex said in the same chat. “I’d rather be strong for RaHoWa.”

A person named Fascist Father posted pictures of a Mossburg 590 Shockwave 12 gauge shotgun on a bed and of four handguns next to a laptop on February 2, 2017, expressing interest that he would loan one of the weapons out. A few days later BershaeS posted a picture of his AK-47 and a .308 Winchester AR Style Semi Auto Rifle along with books, one called “How to Bomb the US. Govt.,” and “Trump, the Art of the Deal,” leaning up against a bed, saying in California they’re ready for RaHoWa.

BershaeS picture he posted to Identity Evropa chat

RedRightHand posted a picture of 10 weapons, including handguns and assault weapons forming the word “Trump” on February 7, 2017 to the Vibrant Diversity chat.

Expressing terrorist intent, a person named Fylnn Guardian [purposely misspelled] responded to a comment about “evil homos” in Vibrant Diversity chat on March 28, 2017: “I would single [handedly] kick off RaHoWa if that happened.”

Eli Mosley, a former Identity Evropa leader who pushes for the “Nazification of America” agreed, saying on March 12, 2017: “Are you ready for RaHoWa? We are…”

Design by Raul Gomez and Jessie Schmit

The pills
In the 1999 movie series “The Matrix,” Laurence Fishburne – who played the character Morpheus – offers Keanu Reeves, or Neo Anderson, two pills, a blue and a red pill.

“After this, there is no turning back,” Fishburne said to Reeves in the first blockbuster movie. “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

The “Alt-right” has taken this scene and expanded it.

To be redpilled means to convince other white people that they are better than others.

“How can a former wife of Alex Jones be so bluepilled?” – Stella on October 23, 2018.

“I might consider starting a political party in North Dakota, after redpilling people of course.” – Nothing_Much on May 13, 2017

To be whitepilled is for anyone or any action to work toward benefiting the white race.

“The love of your people should be stronger than the hatred of your enemy, though do not forget what you are fighting for... Let that fucking rage and hatred flow through you and use it to push on through the darkness, and use the love of your people and all that you hold dear on this good Earth to whitepill yourself out of the gloom.” – Accipiter on April 7, 2017

“That Bannon has referenced it not just once, but like a dozen times, is very whitepilling.” – SwiFT on March 7, 2017.

To be blackpilled means someone who stands in opposition to the blue pill and the red pill, and to be filled with pessimism and nihilism.

“London is a pretty blackpilling thing because it was a great city at one point, a very powerful city.” – Accipiter on March 5, 2017

“I’m so blackpilled on Trump right now.” – Thomasbe on April 7, 2017.

To be bluepilled is to be labeled as someone who is “unwoke” to “reality” of men’s oppression by women.

“Apparently agreeing that a boss has a right to fire his worker for doing nazi salutes is being bluepilled.” – RavishingRussian on December 31, 2016

“Is the transpill a bluepill that identifies as a redpill?” – BarD on March 19, 2017

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