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​America’s Final Solution?

Gadfly | September 19th, 2021

By Ed Raymond

Do American Nazis ‘Critically Know’ What Hitler Brought to the World?

Since the 1930s and the rise of Adolf Hitler, some Americans have been enthralled by his racial ideology and his theory of inherent biological superiority of the White “race.”

One was my neighbor in Little Falls, Charles Lindberg. At one time my parents owned a house on the Mississippi just a few blocks north. I entered high school a year after World War II ended, so I was deeply interested in the history of the war, the death camps, German engineering, and the armaments of the times. That interest has never receded.

In my second year of teaching in 1960, I bought William L. Shirer’s book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for $1.95, a paperback edition of 1,549 pages that primarily covers German history and politics from 1933 to 1945. It still has to be the largest paperback with small type ever printed! It is the best single source of the history of the Third Reich.

Shirer lived in Berlin from 1934 on. It covers a time in history unmatched for cruelty and absolute horror ever perpetrated on fellow human beings.

Nazi White supremacists slowly groomed the German people to accept horror. They started by saying the sick, infirm, those with mental and physical disabilities such as epilepsy, LBGTQ+, and alcoholics, did not contribute to German society. Later the Nazis emphasized that such persons could not belong to a master race. They were “unworthy of life” and “useless eaters.”

Then came “The Final Solution” of adding “weaker” humans such as the Jews to the list for elimination. In the end of the growth of German Nazism, these policies resulted in the building of Auschwitz, a 15 square mile death camp of gas chambers, killing pits, ovens, tall chimneys that spewed choking human ash, and starvation, where 1.3 million people were murdered, 90% of them Jews. It was only one of many “camps.”

We Have Three Pandemics at Once: COVID, Guns, and White Supremacy

It’s ironic but believable that the Trumps in 17th Century Germany and beyond to the Trumps in 21st Century America have the same characteristics, looks, habits, ideology, temperament, and politics. Johannes Trump established himself as a wine grower in Kallstad, Germany.

The Trumps have been involved in wine one way or the other to Donald Trump, who owns a winery in—guess where—Charlottesville, Virginia, where something else of note happened.

Some Trumps immigrated to the United States in 1840. (Now known as the Divided States of America, mainly because of “The Chosen One.”) Charlotte Trump married Johann Georg Heinz before he came to America. He ended up being the father of Henry J. Heinz, the founder of the Heinz Company.

Friedrich Trump, grandfather of Donald, immigrated to America in 1885 at the age of 16. He got rich selling supplies to miners in the Alaskan gold rush. He wanted to return to Germany to live, but he was accused of avoiding military service in Bavavia, and was deported to America after visiting Kallstad. It does remind one of Donald escaping the Vietnam War because of a letter about bone spurs supplied by a “willing” doctor. Donald is well known for trying to cure his perpetual bone spurs by walking golf courses around the world.

Donald’s father Fred was one of the biggest property developers in New York City. He formed what became the Trump Organization. Donald has always claimed he had “a great feeling” for Germany.

Why Trump Is a White Supremacist and Fascist Rolled Into One Narcissist

“The Chosen One,” who hates to read anything but loves to watch himself on TV, claims he has read and loves Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, because it glorifies the prominent alpha male capitalist who has no empathy at all for human consequences. Fred the father once marched with the Ku Klux Klan and thought Whites were biologically superior to the darker races. He convinced Donald that Trump success was due to genetics and that the family represented people and offspring who were superior people.

Among other White supremacists, the father of the billionaire Koch brothers agreed with the Nazi programs and Jewish progroms, and convinced his sons that plutocrats deserved the right to rule. The Kochs and the Trump family, except for Donald’s niece Mary, ignore the primary needs of the poor, the sick, and the uninsured.

That leaves a nation with much of its population bitter, uneducated, impoverished and open to the lies and blandishments of White supremacists and alt-right conservatives. That’s how Donald Trump got elected by about three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016.

There is no doubt among psychiatrists, other mental health experts, and psychologist niece Mary, that Trump is a psychopathic, sociopathic malignant narcissist with love and empathy for only one person: Donald Trump. Son Donald learned racism and fascism from alt-right father Fred and became his right hand as they refused to rent to Blacks in their New York City real estate developments.

Trump Said There Were ‘Good People on Both Sides’

Although “The Chosen One” had half-Jewish grandchildren playing in the Oval Office, he had a controversial opinion about Jews after the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally protesting the removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E.. Lee. Nazi websites called for the burning of Congregation Beth Israel, a local synagogue.

During the Holocaust, Nazis burned European synagogues filled with worshippers behind locked doors. During the march, Nazis wearing camos, armored vests, and carrying rifles stood in front of the synagogue. Prior to the march, congregants, thinking it was necessary, removed the sacred Torah scrolls from the building.

As the Nazis, White supremacists, and alt-right militias such as The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Boogaloos, Three Percenters, Michigan militias, and others from around the country marched in the streets with torches, Trump flags, U.S. flags, and swastikas, they chanted “Jews will not replace us!,” and “blood and soil!”, right out of Hitler’s playbook.

During the march, one Nazi swastika flag waver told a TV reporter: “This city is run by Jewish communists and criminal niggers!” KKK boss David Duke marched with the Nazis to make sure Blacks were not overlooked in the hate.

How Many American Nazi-White Supremacists Have Read Shirer’s Book?

Hitler’s Nazis carefully kept records of every sin against humanity they committed in 12 years. Almost every scrap has been saved; a lot was used in the Nuremberg trials charging the top Nazis with crimes against humanity. Since 1945 we have seen tons of materials describing the deaths of six million Jews and others in the Holocaust.

But only recently have we learned that over 25,000 Jews survived the war by living in the forests of Europe. And old records are still being found in homes and diaries. From Nazi records and the testimony of survivors, Rebecca Frankel has written Into The Forest, an arresting book about the survival of one Jewish family from Zhetel, Poland, a Jewish ghetto.

The town originally had four synagogues, two churches, a theater, and sponsored a soccer team. Hiding from the SS death squads in a tunnel under a house before they escaped, one woman strangled her baby when he started to cry while SS soldiers walked above them searching a room. A woman and her two daughters escaped when the SS rounded up 4,000 Jews from the town, marched them to the edge of town, forced them to strip naked, and machine-gunned them into pits. In the forest she was reunited with her husband and about 25 other local Jews.

Many Jews died in the extreme environmental conditions in the forests of Europe. They had to learn how to live off the land the entire time when temperatures often reached 30 degrees below zero in the winters. Women agreed to forced “marriages” to avoid being raped. Newborn babies were often placed outside shelters to freeze or starve to death because they couldn’t be kept alive in such primitive conditions. The SS advertised they would give snitches a cup of sugar if they revealed where Jews were hiding. A few “forest” Jews survived and came to the U.S. after the war.

More Critical Facts for American Nazis Who Shout ‘Hail Trump!’ and Use the Nazi Salute at Rallies

Heinrich Himmler was head of Hitler’s SS that executed “The Final Solution.” In 1942 when Reinhard Heydrich, the leader of the SS operation in Czechoslovakia, was assassinated by partisans, Hitler ordered Himmler to kill all the people in Lidice, a small town, and destroy every building. Himmler’s troops killed 184 men and sent 184 women and 88 children to the Chelmno Concentration Camp where they were gassed to death. Seven children who had been fathered by SS troops were sent to SS families. As part of his command, Himmler ran Dachau and Buchenwald Concentration Camps where 96,500 Jews were murdered.

Recently in Moscow archives, over 1,000 pages of diaries kept by Himmler were discovered and published by German newspapers. The pages “proved” that Himmler was a family man. After a two-hour massage and breakfast, he often called home to Germany and talked with his wife and daughter. (His 86-year-old daughter is still active in Nazi circles.) He wrote about an affair with his secretary. He also supervised the testing of diesel engines used to gas prisoners to death at the Sobibor death camp. To complete the test, he had the SS round up 400 Jewish women and girls from the town of Lublin. After the murder of the 400, he treated the SS section to a banquet. At the end of the war he was captured by the British and killed himself with cyanide pills while in custody.

I wonder how many American Nazis and White supremacists who have shouted “Hail Trump!” while giving the Nazi salute, attended Trump rallies and booed the press and yelled “Lock her up!”, and carried AR-15s into capitols to close down legislatures, have read Shirer’s book or some books about the SS high command.

Mary Trump, the 56-year-old niece of Donald, has had to go into hiding since, as a psychologist, she called him “the world’s most dangerous man.” She has hated him since he went to a movie while her father was dying in a hospital.

In a recent interview she made this observation: “He is very good at finding people who are weaker than he is, which is shocking because he is the weakest person I’ve ever known. There are people out there who are much smarter and more powerful than he is, who know how to use him. January 6 was probably one of the best days of his life. The worse it got, the happier he was. It wasn’t an accident he told the mob it would be Mike Pence’s fault if he wasn’t declared president. So should we be surprised that people were running around with nooses wanting to string Mike Pence up?”

If people don’t know history, they are bound to repeat it. There are no big statues of Hitler, Himmler, and Heydrich in Germany.

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