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Born-Again Know Nothings

Gadfly | April 6th, 2023

By Ed Raymond

Who’d a Thunk It? The Reincarnation and Resurrection of a Third Political Party!

In 1853, a secret American society known as the Order of the Star Spangled Banner abandoned its secrets by transforming itself into a political party known at first as the American Party. Members refused to talk about what the secret society had accomplished, and were instructed by leaders to respond to questions with “I know nothing.” You get one guess what it was next called.

This is how the political birth canals and swamps dropped the baby Know Nothings in a White Christian country. But the ruling Protestants rejected the European Roman Catholics trying to land on America’s shores. This was the main plank in the Know Nothing Party platform, but it had lots of other planks trying to keep the United States DNA pure White. It quickly gained some power. At its peak of political muscle, it had 100 elected Congressmen, eight governors, the legislatures of six states, and thousands of local Know Nothings to ridicule and castigate city, township, and county governments.

Besides keeping our shores from being Romanized with Catholics, here were other planks:

(1) All immigrant beggars and criminals should be immediately deported.

(2) To become a citizen an immigrant must have a 21-year naturalization period.

(3) All public schools must have Bible reading and discussion periods.

(4) Catholics must be banned from public office.

(5) All public schools and colleges must emphasize temperance (particularly the use of alcohol), Protestantism, self-reliance, and the American work ethic.

(6) All people are entitled to such privileges, social and political, as they are capable of employing and enjoying rationally.

(7) Woman suffrage and voting was abhorrent and unnatural.

(8) German and Irish immigrants undermined the old order established by the Founding Fathers (Because of potato famines in both Germany and Ireland between 1820 and 1845, three million immigrants. mainly Catholics, poured into the U.S.).

The names of the two other political parties have changed over the years to protect the guilty. We started out with the Federalists and the Democratic Republicans, and went through some others named National Republicans, Whigs, and rebels known as Dixiecrats. The Know Nothings were the first national party to put economic concerns over immigration.

Since the last seven years of monarchial rule of King Donald over our present Republican Party, about the only difference between the Know Nothings of the 19th Century and the know nothings of the 21st Century is the fact that Republicans have accepted conservative Roman Catholics into their MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN cult because of their stand on abortion, contraceptives, and homosexuality.

When Pope Francis asked, “Who am I to judge?”, when it came to homosexuality, he is still trying to determine after a decade who he is. The Vatican still bans abortion and contraceptives. Gee, are they somehow related to sex?

The 1853 Know Nothings Are Not Much Different Than the 2023 Know Nothings

According to some population experts, we have just reached eight billion living souls on earth in 2023. In 1850, the population was about 1.25 billion. The planks in the reincarnated and resurrected know nothings of the 2023 Republican Party are about the same as the 1853 Know Nothing Party.

Although lives have changed dramatically because of extensive research, scientific advancements, and the inventiveness of many generations, the goals of the two parties rest in White power. Go back and look at my list of the first Know Nothing Party platform and itemize the differences with the present know nothings. It won’t take long.

As an example, we know there were members of the LBGTQ+ community back in 1853. Gays have been written about for thousands of years—and then think of Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci just a few hundred years ago.

Homo sapiens have been around for 300,000 years.. Population experts have estimated that 100 billion Homo sapiens have died on earth. Today experts in genetics say about 7% of the population are LBGTQ+ members. That means there has to be about 7 billion LBGTQ+ members in graves. Among that number are 1.7% or 1.7 billion transgenders nourishing the soils of the world.

So why are present Know Nothings trying to kill all transgenders? Ignorance? Stupidity? An extra dose of cruelty? Or is it a rabid thirst for White power? Know Nothing Saint Ronald Reagan has a gay son and Know Nothing Saint Dick Cheney has a gay daughter. Good Heavens! Is God sending a message to the resurrected Know Nothings?

There are 4.200 religions and 28,000 gods conjured up and anointed by Homo sapiens, but there are less than half of our population affiliated with a religion. As Yogi Berra said, “If you see a fork in the road, take it!” Many are taking the road to the left.

When Will the Tired Old Men in the Vatican Give Up Their Omerta Against LBGTQ+?

It is hard to believe bishops, cardinals, and popes dressed in their skirts and caps did not learn at least something about homosexuals from thousands of gay priests working in the Vatican and Catholic countries for 2,000 years.

Catholic women have dumped the Vatican decades ago by having abortions at the same rate as Protestant, Hindu, and agnostic women.

Many countries have approved same-sex marriage and gender fluidity. German and Polish bishops have threatened to start another “church” if the Vatican does not remove its rules about homosexuality being an “intrinsic disorder.” It’s doubly interesting to note that Polish Pope John Paul II ruled the Vatican for 27 years, 1978 to 2005; and former Hitler Youth Pope Benedict XVI ruled it for eight, 2005 to 2013. Both were “conservative” popes.

Study after study for decades has estimated that 30% to 40% of priests are gay. One Florida gay priest put it this way: “A third are gay, a third are straight, and a third don’t know what the hell they are.”

Catholics, particularly bishops and “conservative” genuflectors, should read Elizabeth Dias’s article in The New York Times titled “It is Not a Closet. It is a Cage. Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out.” “The closet of the Roman Catholic Church hinges on an impossible contradiction. For years, church leaders have driven gay congregants away in shame and insisted that “homosexual tendencies” are “disordered.” And yet, thousands of the church’s priests are gay.

Fewer than ten priests in the U.S. have dared to come out publicly. The environment for gay priests has only grown more dangerous. A few have been expressly forbidden to come out or even to speak about homosexuality. The church controls a priest’s housing, health insurance, and retirement pension. He could lose all three if his bishop finds his sexuality disqualifying.

Conservative bishops have always accused gay priests of committing the sexual abuse that has cost the Vatican billions and bankrupted dioceses as recompense, but study after study has shown there is no connection between gay priests and sexual abuse of children.

But up to 1980 the church recruited teenagers to become priests in the throes of puberty for many of today’s bishops and priests over 50. Ninth graders often do not know whether they are part of the 93% straight or part of the 7% gay.

Regardless of their sexual identity, seminarians are trained in a closet according to some. They are constantly warned: “Never two, always three. Never go on walks together or to the movies together. Always go in threes. Any male friendship is dangerous.”

What effect do the rules of celibacy have on sexual behavior? Nobody really seems to know, but there are a lot of guesses. So why are there 450 bills in the legislative hoppers of U.S. states about the LBGTQ+ community—and concentrating on transgenders?

Trump Can Only Win in 2024 With the Wars of God, Guns, Gays, and Race

Republicans appear to have only two planks in their political platform: (1) maintain White power, and (2) tax cuts for the wealthy. They advocate chaos capitalism operating in the loving arms of “straight” Christianity.

They figure if they can castrate and sterilize the LBGTQ+ community, worship the AR-15 and the gun culture, keep the Blacks and Hispanics across the tracks, keep the Jews out of Wall Street, and convince the MAGA America was great at one time in the past, they will win the presidency with Trump or DeSantis (who is busy growing a black mustache), and dominate the Congress with XXXL lies.

They think they can “happen” this by destroying transgenders. More than 300,000 teenage trans live in 36 states that are trying to ban books, history, and classic art. Seventy-eight thousand live in 11 states that are trying to ban medical treatment for trans kids. Thirteen states are trying to keep trans from traveling to another state for treatment.

Remember: first the Jews, then the gays, then the medically and physically handicapped, and then the non-Aryan.

Now we have politicians wearing AR-15 lapel pins and MAGA caps made in China. In earlier days it was the SS pin and the swastika. Here are a few statements from the Himmler, Goebbels, Heydrich, and Goring of today:

Former Secretary of State Republican Mike Pompeo: “When our schools teach kids to be ashamed of America, when they teach the 1619 Project instead of our founding, we’re at risk.”

Remember: Our real history did not begin in 1776. It started in 1620 when “Americans” bought 20 Black slaves.

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville: “All this woke, transgender athletes, Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, they don’t teach reading, writing, and arithmetic.”

Remember: to prevent repeating the history of our country, we must learn what really happened by studying real history.

Director of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton, a Republican think tank: “Gender-related care for minors is a demonic assault on the innocence of our children.”

The Satanic demons must have run out of MAGA cult members and are now attacking Christian kids.

Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles: “Transgenderism must be eradicated from public life.”

What should we use, Mike? Firing squad, lynching, fentanyl, or lightning?

Tucker Carlson, Trump’s Goebbels, who tells XXXL lies on the MAGA Entertainment Channel Fox: “Why are some trans people so angry and why do they seem to be mad, specifically at traditional Christians? We can’t think of any trans person who’s ever been murdered by a pastor. The trans movement, it turns out, is the mirror image of Christianity, and therefore its natural enemy. People who believe they’re God can’t stand to be reminded that they’re not.”

Tucker, trans people are over four times more likely than cisgenders to be victimized by violent crime according to the UCLA School of Law. The number of homicides of trans people from 2017 to 2021 nearly doubled, driven by gun violence. (From a report from Everytown for Gun Safety.)

The above statements are just a few examples of how the right-wing media is emphasizing the mass shooting in a Christian elementary school of three third graders and three adults by a transgender. The purpose is to villainize and dehumanize the LBGTQ* community.

DeSantis is following Hitler’s fascist playbook. He just signed a bill allowing “carrying” without a permit. The Brownshirt Know Nothings with swastikas on their sleeves did not need permits on Kristallnacht, either.

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