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by Ed Raymond | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | Gadfly | December 5th, 2014

Is There A Difference Between Genital Mutilation And Mental Mutilation In The World Talibans Ruling Women?

The Egyptian government estimates that 91% of Egyptian women between the ages of 15 and 49 have had their genitals operated on for physical, mental, and cultural reasons. Among young teenagers 15 to 17 the rate is 74%. The practice of cutting off external parts of genitalia of both males and females probably started in Egypt in the time of the pharaohs according to historians. Egyptian gods were thought to be bisexual so the foreskins of penises and the labia and clitorises of vaginas were hacked off for health reasons and enjoyment of the gods and pharaohs (kings).

The first physical reason for male and female circumcision was written by the Greek physician Aetios in 6th Century AD. He claimed that some women had large clitorises that "stimulated" the appetites for sexual intercourse, so such a condition, or deformity, was a source of shame. He opined that clothing would constantly rub and irritate the organ, thus putting the woman into the "hottie" frame of mind. (Ain’t history grand and informative?) In ancient Rome the labias of slave girls were sewn together just enough to prevent the entrance of a penis, thus eliminating pregnancies of real working girls. In some cases metal brooches called fibulae were used to partially close the vagina, allowing only urine and blood to flow through.

Also, we must remember that the Roman Catholic Church at one time had 18 churches throughout Europe possessing the foreskin of Jesus Christ stored on their altars. Once a year the relic was brought out to worship, venerate, and troll for cash. Well, he also performed the miracle of the five loaves, fishes, and wine ... I guess 18 foreskins would not be too big a deal ...

This Sexual Obscenity Goes Way Back

The Greek historian Strabo visited Egypt around 25 B.C. and observed that all children were circumcised (penisectomy) and excised (clitoridectomy) in a 17-volume work about geography. Even before that, a Greek papyrus dated 163 B.C. revealed that females in Memphis, Egypt were mutilated just before they were married.

A United Nations committee on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) has estimated that over 140 million females are victims of this practice today. They live in many countries, mostly African and Muslim, but also in Yemen, Iraq, Malaysia, Indonesia, small sects and groups in South America, and tribes among the Australian aborigines. As many as three million African girls will go through this obscenity this year. The "operation" is often done without anesthetic, often just using scissors, razor blades -- and sometimes jagged tin can tops. Our culture does not escape the history of this horrific practice. English and American doctors in the 19th Century performed clitoridectomies to reduce depression, neurasthenia, genital inflammations, and "masturbation and nymphomania." Males lost their foreskins for many of the same reasons . It took the U.S. until 1997 to outlaw the practice on females. Circumcision of males still rears its ugly head, so to speak. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution in 2012 urging countries to ban FGM. Circumcision of males is still legal in all of our states, although many people question its purpose.

If you wish to read more about the plight of Muslim girls and women I suggest Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book "Infidel." It is a very serious book about the Muslim religion which requires arranged marriages, genital mutilation, the killing of adulteresses, honor killings, and the killing of rape victims -- unless you can come up with four witnesses! And any kind of domestic violence seems to be OK -- even the throwing of acid in women's faces. She is a victim of genital mutilation, beatings, arranged marriages to old men, rapes by an exhusband, and many threats of death by Muslims.

The Eastern Taliban And Its Crimes Against Half Of Humanity

In December 2001 at a conference in Bonn, Germany determining an interim governing body for Afghanistan after our "victory," President George W. Bush and his administration selected Hamid Karzai as president of the vanquished country. At the same time as the conference, the Bush administration bragged they were going to bring Afghan women into the sunlight and liberate them from Taliban sharia law. Before Karzai married, his prospective wife was a practicing gynecologist. After their marriage, like any good Taliban Muslim, Karzai confined his wife at home! He then selected warlords as his cabinet members from the list of war criminals named by the United Nations. From that point on came atrocities against political enemies and the further subjugation of women. Way to go, George!

After the Karzai government sent a message they were not interested in empowering women, the threats of rape and death commenced. Afghan Facebook had videos of Muslim men raping young girls. The lists for assassinations included police woman, elected female officials, teachers, humanitarian workers, singers, and female TV and radio personalities. Some victims were raped, beaten, cut, had acid thrown in their faces, shot-and a few were hung from trees. No Taliban member was ever prosecuted for any of these crimes against women.

Let's Take A Quick Look At The Western Taliban We Are Familiar With

The Eastern Taliban dominated by Muslims physically and mentally mutilates women -- but so does the Western Taliban composed of " Christian" churches such as the Roman Catholic, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Greek and Russian Orthodox, Mormons, Presbyterians, and some of the Lutheran churches organized by the constantly constipated Martin Luther, who began the big protests against Catholic indulgences. Orthodox, Reform, and Hasidic Jews also do their share of mental mutilation.

The Vatican says no female disciples wanted. And no females in the pulpit, please. No female bishops, no cardinals, no popes. Catholic women members of Opus Dei, a conservative Catholic sect, are relegated to cleaning toilets and bedrooms and cooking and serving food. And if the thousands of nuns don't do what they're told by men in skirts cassocks, they are thrown under all buses in the neighborhood. There is not only the ebola virus around as a threat to humanity, there is the deadly and efficient Stupid Virus which may be more harmful. Even Mao Zedong, the dominating Chinese Communist leader who ruled from 1949 to 1976, admitted that "Women hold up half the sky." If their hands are tied, the sky falls. The sky is now falling on the Vatican and the rest of the religious misogynists in the Western world.

Sister Simone Campbell, the director of Network, a liberal social justice lobby in D.C., and the leader of the famous "Nuns on the Bus" tour, relates: "Catholic sisters have always been out on the edge, and we have a long history of kind of annoying the central authority ... We are strong women. We're educated women. We ask questions. We engage in dialogue ... We stay faithful to the gospel and trying to live it. But in living it, you break it open and ask questions."

What are women thinking in the churches that relegate them to second-class pews, never to step on the altar into pulpits except to clean and polish? This has to be very serious mental mutilation because women have so much to offer. How does it feel to be so degraded and marginalized that your opinion isn't even sought by popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests of many churches? The Vatican believes that many nuns are "radical feminists" because they attempt to relieve poverty and other economic injustice instead of haranguing women about abortion and contraceptives. My God, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (nuns) even supported the passage of ObamaCare!

Is A Woman A Temple Built Over A Sewer?

Early and late male "Christian" theologians often revealed what they really thought of the mothers that birthed them. Saint Clement of Alexandria (c1 50-215 AD) wrote : "Every woman should be filled with shame by the thought that she is a woman." Tertullian, called the father of Latin Christianity (c160-225 AD), really let his feelings hang out: "In pain shall you bring forth children, woman, (Remember, women have pain during childbirth because Eve sinned) and you shall turn to your husband and he shall rule over you. And do you not know that you are Eve? God's sentence still hangs over all your sex and His punishment weighs down upon you. You are the Devil's gateway .... Woman, you are the gate to hell." Martin Luther (1483-1546), the "founder" of my present "religion," didn't seem to have any trouble constipating out these words to remember: "The word and works of God is quite clear, that women were made to be either wives or prostitutes. Men have broad and large chests, and small narrow hips, and more understanding than women, who have but small and narrow breasts and broad hips, to the end they should remain at home, sit still, keep house, and bear and bring up children."

Let's dredge up a Methodist for your edification. John Wesley to his wife: "Wife: Be content to be insignificant. What loss would it be to God or man had you never been born." Let's add another male idiot to the examination of female mental mutilation. Heber C. Kimball (1801- 1868) Mormon: "Women are made to be led, and counseled , and directed ... and if I am not a good man, I have no just right in this Church to a wife or wives, or the power to propagate my species. what then should be done with me? Make a eunuch of me and stop my propagation." This guy and his fellow males seem to have had "propagating" on their minds all the time.

Let me end this tirade of " godly" men against women with Pat Robertson of the Assembly of God and the 700 Club, a man of the cloth who always chooses cashmere: "The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti -family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians." Amen. Or perhaps "ahhh s--t, men." Jessica Valenti of The Guardian reminds men: " Real equality is when women have the right to be as drunk and as stupid as men."

This Is Bizarre -- The Five Happiest Countries Also Have The highest Gender Equality!

The five happiest countries, by survey, are the five Nordic countries. Ann Jones of Alternate wrote a comprehensive article titled "Thirteen Years After The Invasion, It's Still The Rule of Men In Afghanistan." She uses research and studies in the following paragraph about gender equality reported to the United Nations Security Council since 2000: "Such research and

common sense' born of observation lie behind a series of U.N. Security Council resolutions passed since 2000 that call for the full participation of women in all peace negotiations, humanitarian planning, and post-conflict governance. Women alter the discourse, while transforming unequal relations between the sexes changes men as well, generally for the better. Quite simply, countries in which women and men enjoy positions of relative equality and respect tend to be stable, prosperous and peaceful. "

But the Stupidity Virus (SV) is still spreading trauma and mutilation around the world through men. Women seem immune. The SV is particularly virulent with men in monasteries, synagogues, temples, and mosques. The march to stupidity, trauma, and mutilations continues unabated. Thousands of Indian women are still accused of witchcraft and are tortured and executed. Over half a billion girls and women in India do not have bathrooms so are often raped and killed going to and from outside toilets or bushes. Female police candidates in Indonesia must pass the "two finger" virginity test before being accepted as recruits. Sumatra has proposed the two finger virginity test for high school admissions. Sex is a big deal in most cultures. The fact that Minnesota has 700 male sex offenders and only one female sex offender incarcerated demands a study. The dim light at the end of a very long tunnel is hardly visible, but there is a little progress. After more than 400 years the Church of England has finally approved the appointment of female bishops.



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