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​Will American Nazis Replace Us?

Gadfly | May 17th, 2023

By Ed Raymond

Do American Nazis Know the Angel of Death Operated on 3,000 Twins?

I was twelve years old when pictures of thousands of dead, naked, starved Jews stacked like cordwood in neat rows or dumped in concentration camp streets were published in the world press.

Because of the absolute horrors of the Holocaust, I have made a special effort to learn more about Homo sapiens who would do such things to other humans. I have kept a file on the Holocaust for 65 years, so when new information is discovered in Nazi records or by interviewing death camp survivors, I could track it.

As an example, Nazis in the Ukraine shot and killed 33,771 naked Jews ranging from babies to elderly at a deep ditch at Babyn Yar in 36 hours. Setting a Nazi daily murder record, this was the first large mass murder in World War II. Nazis maintained accurate records of their horrors for Third Reich records.

After the war, a letter was discovered in a German home written by a Hitler Youth and SS graduate serving at Babyn Yar to his Hitler Youth graduate wife, describing how he murdered babies: “During the first try, my hand trembled a bit as I shot, but one gets used to it. By the tenth try I aimed calmly and shot surely at the many women, children, and infants. Infants flew in great arcs through the air, and we shot them to pieces in flight.” The troops then celebrated their daily work by drinking heavily after supper.

As I watched our American Nazis carrying torches and marching in the streets of Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us!’ and the Nazi cry “Blood and Soil!,” I wondered if they knew what their German brothers did to other Homo sapiensin war.

Then I remembered the Trump and DeSantis Youth graduate driving a car at about 35 miles per hour down a street running over protesters, killing one woman and injuring others, and I had the answer. American Nazis, educated in Trump and DeSantis schools teaching White Supremacist fake history, could also blow apart infants arcing through the air.

Would You Walk on Carpets Made of Murdered Jews Hair Fresh From Gas?

Corky and I returned to Washington 40 years after we had lived there while I was going through Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Quantico, so we could tour the Holocaust Museum which had opened in 1994.

Every American Nazi today should visit it to see what his German Nazis did to eleven million Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Soviet prisoners, homosexuals, and the mentally and physically handicapped.

German Nazis filmed most of their mass murders in Europe because they wanted the world to know about the beginning of the thousand years of the Third Reich. They later tried to hide crimes against humanity. They dug up millions of corpses in Europe, burned them, and chopped up the bones. They tried and failed to scrape 18 inches of human fat sticking to crematorium chimneys.

Of the 44,000 death, slave, and prison camp sites developed by the Nazis from 1933, Auschwitz led in murders at the end of WWII. In an Auschwitz warehouses sit seven tons of human hair from corpses pulled from the gas chambers. The hair is in neat bales ready for shipment to German manufacturers of carpets and cloth. It was valued at 33 cents a kilo.

Warehouses contained 40,000 pairs of shoes taken from the feet of 1.5 million people killed at Auschwitz. Another warehouse stored 348,820 men’s suits and 836,515 women’s dresses. They would have been made available to the German poor after victory.

The Final Solution for Nazi Aryan Supremacists: Murder Twelve Million Jews

Hitler and his “Final Solution” committee decided that, if they were to eliminate Jewish civilization, they would kill the estimated twelve million Jews living in Europe. When Hitler put his mouth around a gun barrel and pulled the trigger in Berlin, he had accomplished half the task, murdering six million Jews and five million “others.”

Jews had made a valiant effort to convince “others” that they were just as normal as everyone else. Millions chose to be secular, even before 1914.

I still remember a survivor of Auschwitz’s response when he was asked if he believed in God: “I will believe in God if he can explain to my satisfaction why he allowed six million of us to be killed.”

More than 80% of Holocaust victims spoke Yiddish around the world in homes, schools, books, newspapers, political parties, theater, advertising, and film. Yiddish is exclusively Jewish, not “normal.” Many traditional Jewish practices are not “normal,” particularly in the area of food, clothing, shelter, and customs.

The Jewish Orthodox are distinctive, with men wearing their black suits and hats and studying religion all their lives while their women support the family. They believe the Torah is the literal word of God, so the Orthodox Jew follows most of the 613 commandments found in the Torah. Some Orthodox men do work for a living.

But what is “normal” about the rest of us? Corky and I were Roman Catholics for a time. What’s normal about the nutty idea that Jews killed Christ when Romans crucified him on a cross? (Was this the nude image the North Dakota legislature declared “pornographic?)

What’s “normal” about the Vatican’s stand on homosexuality? The Vatican is “intrinsically disordered” about gender fluidity. We were Lutherans for a time. What’s “normal” about the 95 theses on the church door? We called ourselves Christians until most of them forgot about the teachings of Jesus.

What’s “normal” about Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals choosing a New York narcissistic nutcase and a Florida sociopath who laughs at torture scenes? What’s “normal” about Muslims who teach young Muslims to become suicide-bombing martyrs so they can enjoy 72 virgins in Paradise?

End of rant—because there is no “normal” in the 4,000 remaining religions either.

Where 600 Starving Slave Women Saved the Life of Their Messenger to the World

The 600 Jewish women slave laborers in a Nazi manufacturing plant knew they would die from starvation because they worked next to live skeletons for a time. The women decided that they would save a few crumbs each day to keep the youngest woman alive so she could possibly survive the Holocaust and tell the world what happened in the plant.

So they saved a few crumbs from the meager bread they received each day, molded the crumbs into a thumb-sized morsel, and sneaked them to her each day. Although thousands of women died at the plant while she was there, she survived because of the crumbs to tell the story of the starved women.

A young woman named Ruth was in the death line at Theresienstadt death camp when the “Angel of Death” Dr. Josef Mengele picked her out of the gas chamber line because she was pregnant. He wanted to conduct a simple experiment. How long would it take a newborn baby to die without food or water? So, Mengele bound her breasts so she couldn’t feed him. Mengele visited her and the baby every day to take notes.

She later said: “In the beginning my baby was crying all the time. Then only whimpering. The belly was swollen. Every day for seven days Dr. Mengele came and wrote his notes.” Finally, another doctor gave Ruth a syringe filled with morphine and said: “Give this to your child.” Ruth killed her own child--and the corpse was collected for Mengele.

Read: “Is Holocaust Education Making Anti-Semitism Worse?”

Dora Horn in her article in “The Atlantic” states: “Using dead Jews as symbols isn’t helping living ones.” She has also written a book titled “People Love Dead Jews.”

She has done America and the world a service by visiting many of the Holocaust museums in the Divided States of America and by interviewing many survivors of antisemitic attacks around the world.

Ms. Horn added much to my files by revealing new horrors about the treatment of Jews in the many descending circles of Nazi hell. Here are a few of the stories she collected from survivors.

A woman in a small Polish town tossed an apple to an obviously starving man as she was watching Jews being marched to a train scheduled to a death camp. She was immediately shot and killed for the act by a Nazi Hitler Youth guard.

Ever heard of “Blood Libel”? After the invention of the printing press in the 14th Century, a number of books were printed in Germany and Italy “revealing” that Jews were butchering Christian children in order to drink their blood. Books named Simon of Trent as the first victim. This blood libel story has been picked up by the QAnon conspiracy believers today—and some of the Trump MAGA group.

Adolf Eichmann’s trains to death camps such as Auschwitz often had 40’X8’ cars that would be filled with as many as 200 Jews. Some camps took three days to reach. Jews by the dozens died in the cars, either suffocating or suffering from lack of food and water.

One museum director packed 200 high schoolers into a train car so they could experience the trauma. Another director asked students to collect six million paper clips, put them in a pile, and imagine they were Jews.

A survivor had viewed Nazi guards disemboweling Jewish men and women so they could watch them die.

A survivor watched a death camp commandant torture, maim, and kill Jews by lining them in rows on the ground and then running over them with a motorcycle.

A survivor was forced to go to a room in a death camp where Nazi guards raped boys only because “it was lots of fun.”

Films have been discovered in German homes of Jews being forced to dance naked with Torah scrolls and participate in pornographic films. These films were discovered long after the Nuremberg trials.

In medieval times Jews were accused of eating pig feces, draining blood from Christian children, and bringing the Black Death to Europe, thus killing half of the population. Between 1348 and 1351 they were accused of poisoning wells in many European cities.

Writer David Patterson summarized the position of antisemites: “In the end, the antisemite’s claim is not that all Jews are evil, but rather that all evil is Jewish.”

‘It Can’t Happen Here’ Means It Can Happen Here

During the rise of fascists Hitler and Mussolini in Europe, fellow Minnesotan Sinclair Lewis of Sauk Centre, published “It Can’t Happen Here: What will happen When America Has a Dictator?” in 1935. He was being sarcastic.

In 2024, with convicted sex predator Trump and the ignorant robotic fascist DeSantis leading the Republican Party and country over Democracy cliff down to the Fascism Swamp, I’m being realistic. It can happen here in the good ol’ DSA.



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